Thursday, October 3, 2013

ethereal. what else can you say about roxana illuminated perfumes? natural perfumes as art.

Engraved cases manufactured in the USA by a small family business.
This will be an arduous task.  Writing a post about a woman who creates art that you smell? Yes, it's art...olfactory art.

I hesitated writing a review on Roxana Villa's Roxana Illuminated Perfumes for some time mainly because what she does is done so well and with such care and knowledge, I felt as if I wasn't worthy enough to write and review such a product.  How could I possibly do justice to something that someone has been working on crafting their entire life?  

Roxana's handmade perfumes are not just scents, she's created a world here...from the unbelievably gorgeous botanical scents, to the lovely little pink containers and Victorian-esq cases her perfumes are poured into, to the beautiful little cards that come with the scents offering descriptions of what you're about to take in.  
An excellent way to find your own fragrance. 
The gorgeous velvet green pouch I received in the mail held a bunch of pretty pink solid perfumes, each with its own wax seal stamp on the top which was colored-coded to reveal its scent.  As I started to sniff and read the cards, I quickly realized that these were scents unlike anything I had ever experienced before.  If you're a woman who wants a fragrance to be your own...I suggest you get yourself a small set of these and figure out which ones are for you.

I'd like to tell you about some of the different perfumes Roxana offers so perhaps you could find what appeals to you and order a few.  Her perfumes come in both liquid and solid.  This is my take on the scents I received:


Lavender and sage...if you love lavender, you will love this.  


An earthy Jasmine

Fig. 10 BLANC

Vanilla orchid bean.  This will smell like heaven to those of you who love a true vanilla.  A favorite.

Page 47

Another favorite.  I keep it on my desk to sniff.  Jasmine like you've never smelled it before.
Fresh, sweet and pretty.  I love this.


Jasmine with amber and resin.  Warm and gorgeous.


A true citrus with some fresh herb.  Fresh and happy.

Roxana at work.  Sometimes she uses the beeswax from her own hives of feral honey bees.  
I hope you give these a try as I don't think there's anything quite like having someone hand make a fragrance for you that's natural and made the way fragrance used to be made before the introduction of toxic chemicals.

*I received these fragrances to review.  All opinions are my own.  


  1. Great review :) I love my perfumes from Roxana. I ordered a trial set with GreenWitch, Vera, and Chiaroscuro - and she threw in an extra of Hedera Helix with my order. Her packaging is lovely and the scents are fantastic. I like anything with lavender, but Vera is the best lavender scent I've ever experienced - the sage compliments it so perfectly.

    1. Hi. It's hard to put into words what she's created, but yes, everything is other-wordly. I love the name Hedera Helix...gorgeous!

  2. Hey there,
    Roxana is incredible. Those scents are potions and are so wickedly enticing, the sillage is like a trail of stars that lead to wherever you are. I also love the beautiful presentation.
    Portia xx