Monday, October 28, 2013

hand blended lurk natural perfumes are beautiful and wickedly alluring

I couldn't even get near it.  When I went to the Night of Green Beauty event here in NYC, I got to meet so many of the creators of my favorite natural skincare and makeup lines, but there was just one little area that I couldn't get near for the life of me due to the crowds of women reaching for these pretty little bottles.  I finally asked someone, "Who the heck is over there, Buddha?" "No," she answered, "that's LURK."  I cocked my head to the side, "Hmmm...Lurk, you say?"  Duly noted.

Why Lurk?  Everyone has their own taste in perfumes clearly, but I think there's something everyone will love here.  The descriptions on Lurk's site capture the essence of the scents perfectly. Currently, they have five perfumes, all hand blended and made using only essential oils in organic jojoba.  Naturally, there's no chemical preservatives or additives.  At $55 a bottle, I also found Lurk to be really affordable.  I'm pretty obsessed with RSW005 - a rose scent that is so calming and pretty, I just keep inhaling.

Who's lurking behind LURK? 
Anne Sanford of Lurk is very cool.   On her site it says she's a perfumer, product development specialist, interior designer and creative director with a background in beauty marketing branding and brand development.  Well!  Way to make everyone else on the planet feel like we are devoid of the Talent Gene, there, Anne.  Sheesh!

   Q & A: 
Why make natural perfumes?
I have been really into oils for about a decade now and really wanted to create perfumes for a while before I jumped into it.  I like the challenge of “all natural” and I also felt that the market needed something a little bit different. Itʼs fun and def not always easy, but I like aspects of it.

Whatʼs your typical outfit for a day? (You seem to have a great look.  If you were wearing mom jeans, Iʼd leave this one out.)
Def no mom jeans here ;).  My typical outfit is jeans (Iʼm obsessed with denim), Vans Old Skool Slip Onʼs or high tops (Isabel Marant), T-shirt, army jacket or sweater wrap.  I love jewelry so I tend to jam a bunch of crazy stuff on my wrists, fingers etc.

How do you come up with a new scent?
It always starts with a image in my mind or something that I have seen.. I identify scent with imagery so once the flow starts I generally start writing down thoughts, ideas and the scents I am attaching to that process. Then I start getting into the oils and seeing how they flow together. Itʼs really fun and the outcome is not always what I think it will be.

I see a luminizer product in your line now, are you planning on getting into makeup and/ or skincare?
Yes, I am currently working on re-formulating the Luminosity Stick (making it more green) and I am also working on skincare for 2014.

What makes Lurk awesome?
Wow, thatʼs a tough question ;).  I think that LURKʼs commitment to keeping things outside of the box yet really simple and straightforward at the same time is cool.  I also really love LURKʼs commitment to purity and doing things our way.   Weʼre not afraid to take chances and that can be very rewarding. 

*I received samples to test.  All opinions are my own.  Try LURK…this is the real deal, Neil.


  1. Seriously cool. This line looks scentsational ;-) Now I want to know how she came up with such an awesome name too.

    1. I know! I meant to ask that, Sarita. Just such a cool, clean, nyc-vibe to this line...I'm excited to see how they grow in the future!

  2. Love this! I'm feeling very Lurk curious now, thanks a lot ;)

  3. organic perfumes have been popping up everywhere lately! I love how there are so many clean options these days. Very cute bottles - I'm curious to try jasmine, rose and petitgrain :)

  4. Organic perfumes have been popping up everywhere these days! I love how many clean options we have to choose from now; I’m curious to test out jasmine, rose and petitgrain :D

    1. You know, people are just finding out about how harmful - truly harmful - all of these synthetic fragrances are and are exploring natural ones. I think we are slowly coming to a day where "natural" and "green" won't be something people run from, but instead, run to. Thanks for reading, S!