Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Favorite Green & Natural Products: The All Stars!

So my last post was all about my my repurchases, but there's so many products that I just can't live without and I buy over and over.

Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner - I have lots of hair and I just find that this really cleans, hydrates and doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down or oily like lots of natural shampoos usually do.  I always have a stash of these.

Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex -  This really, really plumps up the skin, if only temporarily.  Just spot treat the areas where you need it.  I like to put this on before bed.  It smells great, too.  Full review here.  

The People's Pharmacy Milk of Magnesia Deodorant - I checked this out with my homeopathic doctor and she agreed that it's awesome.  This is the only thing that has ever worked for me.  It creates an environment where the bacteria that make you stink can't live!  It's not going to stop you from sweating, but it will stop the stink AND no staining!

Sanre Rosy Fresh Toner - By far, one of my absolute favorites.  Currently, I have about 4 of them in my stash.  The ingredients are stellar and it really hydrates.  Great, great toner and super natural!

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub - A fairly new favorite, I love keeping this in the shower.  Lots and lots of tiny beads exfoliate your face in this seaweed-colored scrub.  Your skin will feel really, really soft and it's just so handy in the shower.

Kahina Organic Beauty's Toner - This toner really, really hydrates the skin and is a real treat.  I love everything that this company makes.  If you haven't tried it yet, go do!

Talllulah Jane's Halona Body Oil - If you like the smell of citrus, you'll love this body oil.  It smells great, slides on perfectly and dries in good time.  It also comes in a beautiful glass bottle that you'll love having in your bathroom.  Super natural ingredients, too.

Naturopathica's Vitamin K Eye Cream - I have several friends hooked on this melon-smelling eye cream.  I love it;  it brightens, smells great and it works!  

Honore des Pres Love Coconut - My favorite natural perfume.  In fact, I just bought another from Spirit Beauty Lounge about an hour ago.  It's perfect for summer and the smell of coconut is rich and subtle....nothing 80s here.

DeVita Solar SPF 30 Face Cream- I added this to my last post and this one...must really like it. Does not feel like an SPF at all.  Feels like a smooth lotion and I adore it.

SkinnySkinny Rosemary Mint Foot Scrub - This really works...especially if you're going to be running around in flip flops all summer long and like the look of clean, hydrated feet.  A super scrub, your feet will be smooooooth.  Trust me.

O.R.G. Skincare's Face Exfoliator - Please check my recent blog post on this innovative product.  I find that if I'm heading out for a special night, this gives me a smooth foundation.  It's also very cool how it works...check out my review for the details.

SW Basics Moisturizer - Use before bed and wake up without any redness and soft skin.  I love this line with their 3 ingredients - olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter.  Ahhh...

SW Basics Toner - This balances the pH in your skin, hydrates and cleans up everything!  It's a staple for me.

SW Basics Cleanser - Natural ingredients, cleans, hydrates and so easy to use.  This is what they mean when they say "clean and green."

Kahina Living Beauty Argan Oil - You will need no other oil for your skin.  This is argan oil in its purest and most natural state.  A bonus is that the bottle looks gorgeous.  I've written plenty of posts about this around!  


  1. Hello, lovely products there! I was wondering on your thoughts on Kahina Argan oil:have you ever used other argan oils? Is Kahina really superior to others? I am currently using argan oil from Acure and I love it! I was just curious whether the Kahina one is even better and whether to give it a try when my Acure one runs out.
    Thank you!

    1. Hey, Eugenia:

      There is no comparison between other brands' Argan Oil and Kahina Giving Beauty's Argan Oil. Just none. Yes, I've tried others and between the scent, texture and the clear bottles, it's clear that they just aren't up to Kahina's all. I think Kahina is the only way to go. It's a staple for me. If you want, why don't you contact them, tell them about our little chat and ask for a sample? They're some good eggs over there. Thanks for reading and please let me know how you like it when you get it! Katie

  2. Thanks for the round up. I've been eying the Honore des Pres Perfume, I think I may place my order this weekend that and definitely a couple of those Ilia lip pencils :)

    1. Stepha...I know, the Ilia crayons are killing me. I'm up to my ears in lip glosses, etc., but I can't help myself. What colors did you like?

    2. Ok, I've seriously been stocking your site! I placed an order last night for the SW Basics Moisturizer Cream based on your recommendation. My skin has become so dry since being pregnant and with winter. I really love the Acure Organic scrub as well...I keep mine in my shower. Oh and I ordered the Rahua Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and hairspray. I'm an organic Hair Stylist and I'm always on the hunt for natural hair products that don't weigh down my fine hair. Thank you for all your info.!

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  4. Ok, I'm seriously obsessed with your blog! Your posts are so informative. I placed an order last night for the Rahua Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and hair spray. I'm an organic hair stylist and I'm always on the hunt for the best hair products. I also ordered the SW Basics Cream based off of your recommendation. My skin has been so dry since being pregnant and with winter here as well. I feel like I'm in a candy store when I read your blog! I started a blog in September and then I found out I was pregnant and have been really sick...but I'm on the mend. :) I have 3 sisters and I'm telling them about your inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much. As I'm sure you know, that means a lot. Yeah, I really love this industry and think that there's really awesome product out there now. You don't have to settle anymore. Please keep me posted....I love hearing how my recommendations have worked for people! Katie