Monday, November 25, 2013

Spill It: The Green Product Junkie's *Come As You Are* Beauty Tag. What's in your makeup bag...right this minute!

Back in the 50s and 60s, they used to have something called, "Come As You Are" parties.  Now, if the name isn't obvious enough, allow me to explain...

You'd receive an invite in the mail, and you had to show up at the party (whenever it was scheduled for) dressed exactly as you were when you received the invite.  Now, if you had any bit of personality, you showed up dressed completely ridiculously to make all of your friends laugh uncontrollably (and wonder what the heck was going on in your home).  My parents went to one and the pictures were hilarious, so now I'd love to single-handedly bring that a green blogger kinda way.

My beauty tag is a "Come As You Are" party for the makeup bag.  This means that I want to see exactly what's in your makeup bag AS YOU NOW READ THIS.  However...I don't want you to add things, to run and go get something to make yourself look cooler (how would that be possible, anyway?) Just simply, SPILL IT. That's right, spill your makeup bag on the table, the carpet, the couch and take a picture and then explain what you've got and what's going on in there.  Have fun and staging, let's keep this real.  

Couleur Caramel Cils Long Mascara & Brow Pencil - I love this mascara, but only for the top lashes as I think it would smudge on the lower ones.  It's my favorite mascara for volume and kapow.  Oh, and I love their brow pencil.  I'm not sure why, but I always have.  It's got a great little brow brush on one end, too.  Disco!

Dr. Hauschka Plum/White Eyeliner Duo - This is my favorite liner, but for some reason they stopped making this color and this is my last one (insert groan here).  I usually just apply it on the upper lid and the inside upper lid and it naturally smudges to give a slightly smoky eye...perfect for the girl who thinks black is a bit scary.

RMS Beauty - Wow, I never noticed how much RMS I carry around.  No wonder my bag is heavy!  I've got Demure Lip2Cheek, Lunar Cream Shadow, "Un" Coverup in 11, Living Luminizer and Bloom Lip Shine.

EcoTools Retractable Foundation Brush - I love this brush as it stays nice and clean for carrying and it's eco-friendly...always my goal.

Preserve Tongue Cleaner & Mint Toothpicks - Made from recycled yogurt cups, I've got these tongue cleaners in all my bags and in my bathroom.  I love Preserve.  If you don't know about their recycling practices, you should go to their site.  I love their minty toothpicks, too.

W3ll People Narcissist Foundation - What can I say?  My go-to foundation.  Light coverage, evens out skin tone, smells great and is so easy to use.  Oh, and it doesn't cake or look dry.

Tsi-La Perfume in Fiori D'Arancio - I love this lil guy.  So great to have in my makeup bag when I just want to smell pretty...on the sly.

Studio 78's Concealer "Off We Go" - If I forget this concealer, I will implode.  Okay, that's being dramatic, but between the awesome concealer and the fantastic little mirror on the inside top cover, it's a staple.  If I'm feeling dry, I'll put some RMS "Un" Coverup on top.

Zuzu Mascara - I use this on my lower lids because it NEVER flakes or smudges.  I also use it on my upper, but find myself wanting more up volume up there, hence the Couleur Caramel.  This gives a natural, pretty look.

Alima Pure Baila Lip Tint - This is from the new Kristen Arnett Me Encanta Makeup Collection.  It's so smooth and glossy feeling, I can't wait until I beg Alima enough that they start making these in pinks and brighter colors (I've already started..hee, hee)  Oh, and the scent of Cocoa is delicious.

Living Nature Lip Pencil - The color is Laughter and it's almost done, but I have a new one in my stash. This is a great neutral pencil.  

Jane Iredale Lip Gloss in Sugar Plum - This is a favorite of mine and I always carry this around.  It's a pretty medium coverage gloss in a great hot-ish pink.

Maison Scotch Makeup Bag - I love my new makeup bag.  You can't beat getting a pretty one...when I take it out, I feel happy.

Laura Mercier Lip Brush - Someone gave me this in a mini-set of brushes.  It's the only brand here that isn't green...but it's only a lip brush, so take that!

A comb - Uhm...who cares who makes it?

Thanks for playing and the rules are that you need to tag some other green beauty bloggers, keep the title as it is and, of course, have the best time.  

I'm tagging people who are probably far, far too busy to do this, like:  Life In BlushPemberley Jones (don't kill me), Green Beauty Bunny, 312 Beauty and Beauty by Britanie.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Need an excuse to get some new green skincare? Winter. SW Basics, Osmia Organics, Napa Organics & Alima Pure!

Looking for a good excuse to pick up a few new skincare and makeup products?  Winter.

These are some new products that I'm really excited about (almost type 'jazzed about' whew!)  Oh, and stick around for some fun discount codes from SW Basics and Napa Organics and little extra surprises from Osmia Organics!  This is going to be a two-parter because there's so many things I think you'll love this coming Winter season.

ALIMA PURE with Kristen Arnett

Me Encanta Collection - I recently hung out with Kristen Arnett (green beauty makeup artist, Instagram filter pro) in my dear olde East Village 'hood.  When she emailed me about her new makeup collaboration with Alima Pure called Me Encanta, I was giddy; yeah, I love makeup!  Inspired by beautiful flamenco dancers during a recent trip to Spain, this makeup collection is so much fun color-wise, I was so thrilled when I opened it up.

Me Encanta includes:

From top Sombra Contour, Pink Satin Matte Blush & Flamenco Shadow
Black Natural Definition Mascara - Now I haven't had the opportunity to fully test this mascara yet (I'm certain I'll have a review in the future), but I wore it yesterday (upper lashes only) and loved it. What I can talk about at this point is how much I love the brush.  You can get such nice control with it...excellent.  

Flamenco Limited Edition Eye Shadow -  A gorgeous, gorgeous navy mineral shadow.  This will be such a cool change from the typical black smoky eye.  It's deeper than the picture here...more like a midnight.  I'm so happy that Kristen chose a blue as opposed to going for the token brown or black.  This look so much less harsh than black and, in my opinion, makes creating a smoky eye so much easier. 

Sombra Contour Powder  - Kristen has got a video of how to apply Me Encanta makeup collection right here and I have to say a big thank you to her, because I was absolutely clueless about contouring before viewing.  This powder is really natural looking and it warmed up my face.  Oh, and I have a picture of me on my Instagram feed wearing the look, too!

Pink Satin Matte Blush -  I already have been raving about my Rosa blush by Alima Pure.  This blush, called Pink, is a matte and gorgeous pink that I imagine everyone could use.  It's a classic color and I love it.

Baila Lip Tint -  Smelling of rich cocoa, this lip tint is, in a word, luscious.  Truly.  This does not have a balm-like feel, but rather a juicy and smooth feel.  The color is a  warm brownish rose and goes on so smoothly, it feels like a dessert.  I can't wait to check other the other colors, too.  $50 for the collection.


Cream - I've written about this several times, but I have a thing for repeating myself, so here goes. Sure, I could've just written about the mask, but I want you to have one of the best creams for Winter and this is it.  Honestly, your skin will never be softer than this.  Soft, creamy and so effective, this cream is perfect for the upcoming colder months.  It smells heavenly and again, has only three ingredients:  Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.  I give this out to friends like it's candy and everyone gets hooked on it.  Do yourself a favor.  $32 for a big jar!  

Organic California Almond Oil  - This is a totally new company for me and the only problem with Napa Organics is that there name isn't all over the place yet.  Hilary Glass' family has been ranching in California since the 1880s.  This is a family-run business and everything is so natural and affordable, I'm excited to share this with ya'll.  I've been using their Almond Oil as a body moisturizer for the past week and it's gorgeous.  It's so pure and feels so wonderful on the skin.  There's just nothing like organic oil.  The thing that I also love about this is that so it's so multi-functional;  this can be used as an intensive hair conditioner, massage oil, body oil and, when applied lightly, a face oil.  $16  

Prune & Walnut Face Scrub -  Prunes (more antioxidant power than blueberries) are mixed with finely ground up walnut shell powder.  This product is a "booster" meaning that you can add it to your cleanser or mask to give yourself some extra brightening or exfoliation.  I love the idea of that.  This can also be mixed with the Organic Almond Oil above for a master hydrating and exfoliating party for your skin.  $12 for what I think is a jar that will last forever!  
Coffee Mint Soap - The first time I learned about Osmia was on Pinterest when I saw a picture of their soap.  I couldn't click quick enough to figure out what the gorgeous pattern was on the top of it.  I am now hooked.  After hearing about how it's made, the care and craft that goes into it, well as a girl who is a huge fan of homemade soap, it was a no-brainer.  I recently purchased three bars and started off using Coffee Mint.  Why am I recommending it?  Because it's a big, gorgeous bar o' soap that smells like mint and EXFOLIATES with fresh coffee.  I just love an exfoliating bar of soap.  $12

Night Body Oil - I fell in love with this immediately.  So much so that I emailed Sarah (creator of OO) and asked her what the heck was in this magnificent body oil.  Turns out that it's some of my favorites, lavender, roman chamomile and some wild atlas cedar.  This is so calming and pretty, I can't get enough of it.  In fact, I have it on my desk because there's a teensy little bit left in the bottle and I sniff it throughout the day.  Suggested use is before bed and I can understand why.  If I had to give it one adjective, I would use "peaceful."  2.0 oz. $20 / 7.5 oz. $65

*I was kindly gifted several of these products and happily purchased others.  My opinions are all my own.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Looking For A Non-toxic Medium To Full Coverage Foundation? Introducing Studio 78's Paris' Chameleon Foundation

It's no secret (mainly due to my big mouth) that I'm a huge, huge fan of Studio 78's Concealer.  It is, by far, my favorite concealer.  And since concealer was one of the last "unclean" makeup products I was looking to replace, I feel really fortunate to have found it.  So, when Hazel from NuboNau recommended that I give the new Studio 78 Chameleon Foundation "We Oxygenize."  a try, I was more than happy to go for it!

the coverage

I've gotten so many emails from women asking if I knew of a foundation with a fuller coverage since many of the "cleaner" foundations are more light with a dewy finish.  Well, I'm really happy to report back this this is, in fact, a medium to slightly full coverage foundation.  In fact, of all the clean foundations I've tried, this gives the most coverage.

Now, my skin is on the dry side, and being that this is pretty matte, I chose to mix it with a moisturizer before applying (I used Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Cream).  But, if you do not have dry skin issues and love a matte look, this is the ticket.

the shades

I'm ivory with yellow undertones and I purchased the lightest shade, Sunny Terrace.  I don't recommend this for pale Ivory skin as it's got a fair amount of yellow in it.  Currently, Chameleon foundation comes in three shades. Oh, and the reason it's called Chameleon is because this mousse-textured foundation goes on white and changes into said color...don't ask me how, but it's very cool.

*I purchased this foundation myself and all opinions are my own!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beauty Tag!

One of my makeup bins.  There's some RMS Beauty, Intelligent Nutrients, Ilia Beauty, Studio 78 & Vapour
So, every now and again a Green Beauty Blogger will send out a Beauty Tag where they answer some questions and then "tag" us and have us answer them.  This tag, a very cute one I might say, was created by Sonja of Life In Blush.

On my nightstand you'll find:  Sans Lip Balm, Lotus Wei's Inner Peace Serum & KYI Moisturizing Mask (I use it for my hands & face before bed) and my iPad.

The literary character I'm most like is: I'm blanking on this.  You tell me...I'm neurotic, chatty, funny, dramatic and driven.  Go.

I'm currently obsessed with:  Ilia Beauty's Bang Bang (didn't think I could wear red before), Mun's No. 1 Aknari Serum, Lurk's RSW005 perfume (big into rose, here) and Intelligent Nutrients' Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex.  I'm also obsessed with the big plans I have for my blog in the future...can't wait!

My favorite superhero is: Wonder Woman.  Who else is there?  How hot did she look in that little outfit?  And the gold lasso?  She slays me!

Favorite beauty product of 2013: Okay, hardest question ever!  Uhm...oh, I think it's my Studio 78 concealer.  

If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive:  I haven't met him yet, but he's around 6'2", witty and lives in NYC...and he's adorable.  I'm sure he's out there somewhere...

Winter is coming, how do you prep your skin for battle?  I dip into the SW Basics Moisturizer and start removing makeup with coconut oil.

My perfect date night makeup consists of: Crush by Vapour Organic Beauty on the cheeks, Dr. Hauschka liner and Call Me & Love Buzz by Ilia Beauty.  If I'm feeling really feisty (pretty common) I'll go for Sacred by RMS Beauty on lips and cheeks.

My go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: Wheatgrass.  God, I detest it, but it works.

My TV boyfriend is: Hmmm...the guy who plays Peter Russo on House of Cards (not conventionally gorgeous, but he does it for me) and uh...the main guy from Walking Dead.  Sure, I'd date him...who wouldn't?

If my evening clutch could hold only one beauty item it would be:  Time to get a new evening clutch.  No, okay, I'll play along...whatever my gloss was for that night.  I don't leave the house without some kind of lipstick or gloss.

One beauty tip I would pass on to my fictional daughter is:  "Be just like your fictional mother.  She's adorable."  Kidding.  Beyond confidence and telling her how cool she is all the time, I would pass on natural sunblock and lead-free lipstick.

The most nostalgic item from my childhood is: My doll Noo-Noo (she was the blond doll in pink that was called "Drowsy").

My favorite show of the moment is:  Well, now that Breaking Bad is over (RIP), I'm going to say I like House of Cards, although I lose the plot whenever Robin Wright saunters on the screen, hot damn!

My favorite quote is: "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be kind.  Always."  Hits home every time I read it.  

I tag:  Alexis from The Green Beauty Bunny, Kasey Michelle from Plein Vanity and Marcella from Naturally Marcy

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Natural Open Sky favorites from Lotus Wei, Lollique Beauté & Waxelene!

When the peeps from Open Sky contacted me and asked for me to pick out and review some products that would appeal to me and my green-minded readers, I was very excited.  These are three products that I just loved.

Lotus Wei's Inner Peace
I love Lotus Wei.  I'm a huge fan of Infinite Love and Joy Juice, but think I've always truly needed Inner Peace (I'm a big worrywart).  I tested out the Inner Peace serum and the mist.  If you've never tried  these, I suggest you do and here's why:  

Inner Peace Mist -  Unlike many other aromatherapy products out there that are kinda strong and medicinal-smelling (why is that?) Inner Peace smells so relaxing and pure.  It's an absolute pleasure to sniff.  I find myself spraying the mist while I'm at my desk and then taking it in my bag and spraying it whenever I come upon it in my makeup bag.

Inner Peace Serum -  I've been keeping this right next to my bed and applying it to my face, neck and hands each night.  It's glorious (yeah, I'm bringing back the word glorious)!  Cup your hands and lift them up to your face and just breathe in to feel "deep calm, confidence and contentment."  This is great for relieving anxiety, nerves over public speaking, stress, etc.  I actually feel relaxed when I take time out to apply this. 

Lollique Beauté
I hadn't heard of this line before and I'm a little confused as to why as their skincare is super natural and really well made. 

Mask de Miel - Honey, honey, honey, it's all I'm hearing about lately...and quite frankly, I love the idea of it.  These ingredients are superb (raw Manuka honey and dried botanical plants, to name a few). This is one super-thick and hearty mask that's handmade in small batches and very high quality.  It left my skin toned, hydrated and glowing.  This can be used as a mask and/or face cleanser.  

Polissant - I have to admit, I'm a huge sucker for a delicious-smelling natural product.  This smells like a just-baked sugar good.  I love using this.  If you're in the market for a great cleanser that will exfoliate gently, this is the way to go.  This product also contains some natural alpha hydroxy acids, so I like to keep it on my skin for a minute, but remember your sunblock post-use!  Oh, and this product contains nuts, dairy, honey and bee pollen...allergic types, take note!

Chamomile Hydrosol - I love a good toner.  I use them constantly...spraying whenever I need some moisture, before I apply my moisturizers and also to set my makeup.  If you don't use one, I'm confused how we're friends.  Lollique's Chamomile Hydrosol was an instant favorite due to the fact that I absolutely love chamomile.  They also have hydrosols in Cornflower (intriguing...) Lavender, Witch Hazel, Rose, Lemongrass, Lemon, Orange and Pure Aloe Vera.

Lipstick Couleur in First Date Pink - I also tried their lipstick/balm in First Date Pink.  If you're looking for a balm with some very subtle pink (bright pink in tube, comes out a light baby pink) I suggest you go for this.  I love wearing it to the gym...a little color, but I don't feel like I've got lots of lipstick on.

I do not have enough AMAZING things to say about this.  If you're using petroleum jelly in any capacity, this is one of the first changes you need to make.  Don't believe me?   Read up on what's in it. Blech!  Not only does this smell like the sweetest honey, it's non-greasy, goes on clear, doesn't clog pores like petroleum jelly and is super multi-purpose.  You can moisturize every body part (including feet), remove makeup, use on your lips and, of course, it's perfect for wee babies.  The ingredients? Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary Oil.  Oh, and I will be most definitely purchasing this when my lil tube runs out...and that's saying A LOT!  Get it on Open Sky here!

*I kindly received these products to review and thankfully, I loved them.