Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh, my word! Studio 78 is rocking my world! Natural Foundation & Concealer City!

Because I perform on stage, there's been a few "dirty" products out there that I haven't been able to shake, mostly due to their staying power and finish.  These two products are concealer and foundation.   Now, I have a daily foundation that I love and has been a favorite of mine, but I'm always in the market for trying out new stuff.

Out comes a post from No More Dirty Looks in which they review a clean makeup line called Studio 78.   They've apparently been around since 2010, but no one was carrying them until the magnificent online natural beauty boutique, NuboNau started carrying them. I love NuboNau, by the way.

So, I went and did what I always do when a new line comes out and I'm intrigued...I ordered the foundation and the concealer.  Girls...I am so happy I did.

I must admit that I do love my RMS Beauty concealer, but because I find that it smudges my mascara a bit when too close to my lower lashes, I find that I only use it in certain areas under my eye.  The other concealer that I've been using on a daily basis has been Cle de Peau, which is not green by any means and super, super expensive.

I was very eager to try Studio 78.   Okay, so on to the concealer.  Because I'm fair and like a yellow base, I ordered the lighter, At Dawn color.  It goes on powdery, but it's not drying, oddly enough.  It's so much like the consistency of my Cle de Peau.  It's not dewy like RMS, but it has great coverage and I haven't seen any creasing and I haven't had to re-apply several times a day.  If you like the dewy look, I say you mix it with a little RMS.  This definitely has a matte look to it, fyi.   As mentioned by the girls on No More Dirty Looks, the packaging is also great as the cover has a little mirror inside, so it's so easy to touch up.   Get it here for $31

I love, love, love this foundation!  As you can see from the picture to the left, this foundation needs to be shaken.  It comes with a little makeup sponge, but I preferred just shaking it and applying with my fingers.  You need so little of it and it gives you a flawless look...but your skin is still showing through.  It's not dry looking and it's just so pretty.  I throw a little RMS blush (love Smile & Modest) and Living Luminizer, and my skin is glowing.  As I said, I'm fair, so I got the lighter one called, "Energizing Mist."  This is wonderful and I really hope that I works for all of you.  It's not thick at all and it goes on like water, but just creates a pretty, balanced look on the skin.  I'm not sure this would work for people who have lots of blemishes to cover up.   I would say it's light to medium coverage.  Let me know if you get it and love it!  Get it here for $50.

* I purchased these products myself and all opinions are my own, gosh darn it!


  1. ooh! a new product for me to try! Which number in the un cover-up were you using? I'm using #11 so would at dawn be a comparable shade?


    1. Hey, you! Yes, I'm an 11 in RMS Beauty's "Uncoverup." LMK how you likey. I lovey.