Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Natural Makeup I'm Hooked On...RMS Beauty, Revolution Organics, Jane Iredale & Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty

These are some random natural makeup items that I'm loving right now:


I think I own pretty much everything that RMS Beauty makes, unless it's a color that completely won't go with my skin tone.  But even then, trust me, I'm tempted in a major way.  My latest purchase has been Lip2Cheek in Modest.
It was sold out for a while, but I finally got it! This is a berry pink  (as you can see from the swatch here).  The reason I love this, as with all of the RMS products, is that it really becomes a part of the skin and doesn't look like you're wearing blush.  It just looks like your cheeks have a rosy nature intended.   I don't use this on my lips because I really like a glossier look, but I would definitely wear it if I had some clear gloss to throw on top.  The ingredients are pure and it will last forever.  $36


For some reason, it took a while for me t purchase a Revolution Organics' lip gloss, but now I'm all in.  Truth is a hot pink (second from left), but it's not too bright and It's perfect for daytime.   It gives you that hot pink look, but it's still sorta sheer and not sticky.   I also love the consistency it's super smooth and stays on.  The smell?  I love it, but some people may not.  You see, the ingredients are super pure and I think I'm smelling the shea butter, which is a scent that I really like.  Since I've gone natural, I don't like synthetic fragrance in my products.  In fact, I can't stand it in cleaning products or anything for that matter.  So, I really love this gloss and have a stash in case I run out.  $26


Some things you just love.  Jane Iredale's PureLash Conditioner is one of them.  It's a lash conditioner and extender that you apply before you put on your mascara and I just love it.  I think that it really makes the lashes look fuller and thicker.  I wish I had more to say about it, but I don't.  It's not something you'll desperately need, but I love using it! $16.50 

While we're on Jane Iredale, I also love their Eye Gloss.  It goes on shiny and moist, but quickly dries and still stays shiny and pretty.  I have it in Grey Silk and it's such a pretty metallic grey.  It's an excellent highlighter, too, if you just want a little shine.  $15.50


I'm really, really into pink lipsticks and glosses.  I mean, I have a bin of them and I alternate all of the time.  I saw this on a website and was immediately draw to it's pretty pink.  It just came in the mail and I love it!  The color is just thee perfect pink and this photo is a great representation of it.  It goes on so smooth, the ingredients are clean and it smells heavenly.  From what I understand, this is the only color it comes in...lucky me.  I'm so used to everything being in nude or brown.  This is gorgeous for Spring.  I have a feeling that this is going to be in heavy, heavy rotation starting tomorrow!   Get it here for $16

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