Saturday, March 2, 2013

Exceptional Green Household Cleaners That You Need Now


For those of you who don't know me, let me tell you right now that I'm obsessed with all things green...and clean.  My apartment is an all-white modern NYC apartment and I'm constantly scrubbing, vacuuming or cleaning something.  It's what I do and I make no apologies for it...clean home, clean mind.  That's how I roll.

So, when Le Savonnier Marseillais contacted me about their multi-purpose - and I mean multi-purpose - Savon Noir Liquid Soap, I was intrigued.  They sent me the Eucalyptus to try and since I was just about to do some laundry, the timing was perfect (yes, this household cleanser is also great for laundry).

After I washed my clothes with it (btw, they were so fresh and clean smelling after) I decided to scrub the shower.  Now, because I know how natural the ingredients are, I was able to clean the shower while I was in the shower without worrying about the cleanser getting on my skin and feet.  Let me tell you, my bathroom was SPARKLING.  Like a good, old-fashioned, super duper clean.   The maids of Downton Abbey have nothing on me.

The consistency is a thick gel, so I just wet a scrub brush and applied some on top.  For the laundry, I used it like any other detergent.  

Other uses:  cleaning pets, as a natural insecticide in the garden, for cleaning cars/boats/motorcycles, get the idea.   For such a large bottle, it's a steal at $20.


I can honestly say that I use this on a daily basis.  Seriously.  This is just one of those products that I always wish I had in both the kitchen and bathroom. It's thee best glass cleaner I have ever used...including all of the chemical-filled glass cleaners.   This cleaner leaves glass sparkling and the best thing is, it's organic.

I purchased this at Whole Foods and I'm eager to try the other things in their line.

It smells faintly of vinegar, but the smell goes away quickly. It's a big 32 oz. bottle that sells for $4.99.  Trust me...this is excellent.  

*I received the Savon Noir to test.  I purchased the Green Shield Glass Cleaner.  All opinions are my me, I got a lot of 'em!

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