Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Need an excuse to get some new green skincare? Winter. SW Basics, Osmia Organics, Napa Organics & Alima Pure!

Looking for a good excuse to pick up a few new skincare and makeup products?  Winter.

These are some new products that I'm really excited about (almost type 'jazzed about' whew!)  Oh, and stick around for some fun discount codes from SW Basics and Napa Organics and little extra surprises from Osmia Organics!  This is going to be a two-parter because there's so many things I think you'll love this coming Winter season.

ALIMA PURE with Kristen Arnett

Me Encanta Collection - I recently hung out with Kristen Arnett (green beauty makeup artist, Instagram filter pro) in my dear olde East Village 'hood.  When she emailed me about her new makeup collaboration with Alima Pure called Me Encanta, I was giddy; yeah, I love makeup!  Inspired by beautiful flamenco dancers during a recent trip to Spain, this makeup collection is so much fun color-wise, I was so thrilled when I opened it up.

Me Encanta includes:

From top Sombra Contour, Pink Satin Matte Blush & Flamenco Shadow
Black Natural Definition Mascara - Now I haven't had the opportunity to fully test this mascara yet (I'm certain I'll have a review in the future), but I wore it yesterday (upper lashes only) and loved it. What I can talk about at this point is how much I love the brush.  You can get such nice control with it...excellent.  

Flamenco Limited Edition Eye Shadow -  A gorgeous, gorgeous navy mineral shadow.  This will be such a cool change from the typical black smoky eye.  It's deeper than the picture here...more like a midnight.  I'm so happy that Kristen chose a blue as opposed to going for the token brown or black.  This look so much less harsh than black and, in my opinion, makes creating a smoky eye so much easier. 

Sombra Contour Powder  - Kristen has got a video of how to apply Me Encanta makeup collection right here and I have to say a big thank you to her, because I was absolutely clueless about contouring before viewing.  This powder is really natural looking and it warmed up my face.  Oh, and I have a picture of me on my Instagram feed wearing the look, too!

Pink Satin Matte Blush -  I already have been raving about my Rosa blush by Alima Pure.  This blush, called Pink, is a matte and gorgeous pink that I imagine everyone could use.  It's a classic color and I love it.

Baila Lip Tint -  Smelling of rich cocoa, this lip tint is, in a word, luscious.  Truly.  This does not have a balm-like feel, but rather a juicy and smooth feel.  The color is a  warm brownish rose and goes on so smoothly, it feels like a dessert.  I can't wait to check other the other colors, too.  $50 for the collection.

Hibiscus Face Mask - Having just tried this mask, I can honestly tell you that it's a keeper.  I've been a huge fan of SW Basics for as long as I can remember and their Hibiscus Face Mask, like errythang else they make, is super effective and pure, pure, pure!  What did it do for me?  My skin was really clean, bright (seriously) and soft.  I will tell you that this is a must-buy.  But I must mention that this mask has a lot of, I'm going to guess, Hibiscus in it, so you're going to need to cover your lap with a towel as some pieces of this mask will fall and although it's a gorgeous burgundy, you're probably not going to want it on your carpet or clothes!  With only three ingredients: Direct Trade Hibiscus, French Green Clay & Organic Lavender Powder, you can't get more pure or better results.  Oh, and it's only $22!  

Cream - I've written about this several times, but I have a thing for repeating myself, so here goes. Sure, I could've just written about the mask, but I want you to have one of the best creams for Winter and this is it.  Honestly, your skin will never be softer than this.  Soft, creamy and so effective, this cream is perfect for the upcoming colder months.  It smells heavenly and again, has only three ingredients:  Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.  I give this out to friends like it's candy and everyone gets hooked on it.  Do yourself a favor.  $32 for a big jar!  

Organic California Almond Oil  - This is a totally new company for me and the only problem with Napa Organics is that there name isn't all over the place yet.  Hilary Glass' family has been ranching in California since the 1880s.  This is a family-run business and everything is so natural and affordable, I'm excited to share this with ya'll.  I've been using their Almond Oil as a body moisturizer for the past week and it's gorgeous.  It's so pure and feels so wonderful on the skin.  There's just nothing like organic oil.  The thing that I also love about this is that so it's so multi-functional;  this can be used as an intensive hair conditioner, massage oil, body oil and, when applied lightly, a face oil.  $16  

Prune & Walnut Face Scrub -  Prunes (more antioxidant power than blueberries) are mixed with finely ground up walnut shell powder.  This product is a "booster" meaning that you can add it to your cleanser or mask to give yourself some extra brightening or exfoliation.  I love the idea of that.  This can also be mixed with the Organic Almond Oil above for a master hydrating and exfoliating party for your skin.  $12 for what I think is a jar that will last forever!  
Coffee Mint Soap - The first time I learned about Osmia was on Pinterest when I saw a picture of their soap.  I couldn't click quick enough to figure out what the gorgeous pattern was on the top of it.  I am now hooked.  After hearing about how it's made, the care and craft that goes into it, well as a girl who is a huge fan of homemade soap, it was a no-brainer.  I recently purchased three bars and started off using Coffee Mint.  Why am I recommending it?  Because it's a big, gorgeous bar o' soap that smells like mint and EXFOLIATES with fresh coffee.  I just love an exfoliating bar of soap.  $12

Night Body Oil - I fell in love with this immediately.  So much so that I emailed Sarah (creator of OO) and asked her what the heck was in this magnificent body oil.  Turns out that it's some of my favorites, lavender, roman chamomile and some wild atlas cedar.  This is so calming and pretty, I can't get enough of it.  In fact, I have it on my desk because there's a teensy little bit left in the bottle and I sniff it throughout the day.  Suggested use is before bed and I can understand why.  If I had to give it one adjective, I would use "peaceful."  2.0 oz. $20 / 7.5 oz. $65

*I was kindly gifted several of these products and happily purchased others.  My opinions are all my own.


  1. What a fabulous selection, Katie. I too love the collaboration between Alima Pure and Kristen Arnett. She took makeup to a whole other level by incorporating it with a meaningful message through those gorgeous (and mature - YAY!) Flamenco dancers. As always, you did an outstanding job of presenting each product and why you love it. I'm gonna have to get me some o' dese. xoxo

    1. Beyond kind. Thank you so much for reading & taking the time to comment! Katie

  2. These all look sooo lovely. The Osmia soap looks good enough to eat/display as art. :) Thank you for sharing these - haven't heard of Alima Pure, will be checking them out. x

  3. Great Post- Just ordered the Alima Pure set! Do you need a code for Osmia or will they just automatically send the samples?

    1. Just mention me & they'll send you samples of the new soaps!

  4. LOVE the SW Basics Mask! Still need to master not getting the flower bits in my eyes/hair/nostrils though haha. I want to try something from Osmia Organics and Napa Organics. Thanks for sharing these deals! :)

    1. Yeah, the flowers were all over the place...but I looooved it. Yes, do try Osmia & say I sent you...she'll be extra nice to you. Napa Organics is a great new pure & affordable!

  5. You know what I love about your blog? You give us AFFORDABLE options. I have been trying out an *expensive (for my pocket, over $100) brand and as much as I love it, I cannot keep buying it. Thank you for all that you do to help me choose greener options, in all price ranges. Really want to check out that S.W. stuff, but I have to use up what I have first. I will put it on my wish list for sure!

    1. Oh, I'm so thrilled to hear that. Yeah, we don't all have $200 to spend on an eye cream. Funny you should mention that as I'm currently working on a "girl on a budget" story as I type. That should be a good one...considering everyone I know is on one! Thank you again for taking the time to let me know and for reading! Deep curtsey, Katie

    2. Katie - I am totally trying out these and a few that you have mentioned. I love, love the pampering I am getting from my pricey skin care counterparts, but I have to be realistic for what I can work with these days. I try to use my expensive stuff sparingly - and maybe I will be able to splurge again some day. Any good recommendations for dry skin? Saw the S.W. Basics cream - that looks pretty fab. I usually go with Kahina's argan oil but now that it's super dry and cold, I need more hydration!!

  6. Hi Katie! I'm so pumped to try out some SW Basics stuff, as it's a local brand that's been getting feedback. And that Osmia body oil sounds aaaamazing, calmming stuff :] That's why I love the winter, you get an excuse to pamper yourself to the fullest, what with the hot, salty baths, and nourishing face masks.