Saturday, December 28, 2013

A New Super Natural (And Gluten-Free) Skincare Line: Hana Organic Skincare.

Four years ago, certified herbalist, Karen Reis created Hana Organic Skincare (named after her daughter, Hana).  This gluten-free skincare line has incredibly pure ingredients and is really effective.  I've got my favorites for sure (Gentle Cleanser, Renew Creme and Eye Oil) but I think this is most definitely a brand where you could get everything you need all in one place: your cleanser, mask/exfoliant, face oil, face cream, toner (which I didn't test) and eye serum.
This was a big favorite of mine. Lately I've been really loving super-smooth feeling cleansers.  They leave the skin so soft and do a great job of removing makeup (I like to use a cloth or cotton just to make sure I get everything off).  To use, I wet my face and massaged a little of the cleanser all over.  Then I would take a cotton round or cloth and get off any residual makeup, and rinse.  This cleanser has only five ingredients, all organic:  rose hydrosol, castile soap, jojoba oil and geranium and neroli essential oils - you can't get purer than that.  It feels amazing going on, cleanses perfectly and leaves the skin hydrated.   $28

I'm all over multi-functional products, so when purchasing this, you should know that you're getting both an exfoliator and a mask.  I tried this out both both ways and loved it.  My skin was super soft and not dry at all.  Each jar comes with it's own little Hana ceramic bowl scoop (love) and I used that for carrying it into the shower with me.  These grains are gentle but effective and the ingredients are super pure: white clay; *oats; *+almonds; *poppy seeds; *rose centifolia (rose); *lavendula officianalis (lavender); *calendula officianalis (calendula); *lavender & rose essential oils (*organic)  $36

Lately I find that I'm only using eye oils.  I just feel like they hydrate so well and, with this one, makeup goes on nicely - if you give it a little bit of time to absorb.  I used to think that oils would not work well with concealer and eye makeup, but I find that they absorb into the skin better than a thicker cream (just what I've found).  This will last you quite some time and the ingredients are simple and pure: jojoba & rosehip seed oils; Vitamin E; rose essential oil.  $40 

Renew Crème
I love, love, love this cream...or crème...or cream. This was a standout product for me.  I found that it hydrated like a serum would, but was really nice to actually put on a cream for a change.  So, if you're not a fan of putting oils on your skin, I recommend this as you'll be getting similar benefits, just with a creamy consistency. It's got a pretty floral scent and it's super hydrating. Ingredients? *Rose & *lavender-infused *+almond oil; *rosehip seed oil; *aloe vera gel; *rose hydrosol; pure filtered beeswax; Vitamin E; Leucidal liquid SF ECOCERT; *lavender, *geranium, *ylang ylang & neroli essential oils (*organic +Demeter ® Biodynamic ® Ingredient) $60 

Luxe Serum
This serum is for all skin types.  I'm big, big into face serums, so if you haven't gotten on that train yet, I suggest you hop on!  Hana claims that this can help facilitate cell regeneration.   It also is super hydrating and softening.  The scent is a bit on the smokier side (for lack of a better word), and I'm really into scent, but there are many people who will absolutely love it.  You need so very little as it spreads out easily.  Ingredients: *jojoba, *apricot & *rosehip seed oils; Vitamin E; *lavender, neroli, frankincense & rose otto essential oils.  $60

*These products were generously given to me to test.  All opinions are my own, gosh darn it!


  1. I've never heard of eye oils - wow I love it and sounds exactly like what I need. I'm yet to find a super hydrating eye cream, I have to check Hana out! Thanks for the review and for sharing the discount. :)

  2. What a beautiful line. The cleansing grains and creme sound amazing! xo

  3. What is the Leucidal liquid SF in the Renew cream?

  4. Leucidal Liquid® SF ECOCERT: In order to extend the life of our products, we use a natural preservative known as Leucidal Liquid® SF. Leucidal Liquid® SF is a natural and safe preservative, created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus (a micro-organism used to produce fermented products such as sauerkraut and kimchi, from cabbage). Like many members of the lactic acid bacteria family, Lactobacillus is capable of restricting the growth of harmful micro-organisms by acidifying its environment, and providing broad spectrum antimicrobial protection. Leucidal Liquid® SF is Eco-certified.