Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best Natural Body Creams & Oils I've Tried...So Far: Patyka, Tallulah Jane & Acure Organics

There's nothing like scrubbing up in the shower and then getting out and putting on some delicious-smelling natural body cream (or oil if you have the drying time).  Here's a few of my favorites:

I'm loving body oils lately but honestly, they take some time to dry and putting clothing on when it's not fully absorbed is going to leave you with some oily-smelling clothes down the road.  So, I usually use my creams when I'm on the the run, and my oils when I've got some time to lollygag around.  One of my favorites that I usually put on before bed is Patyka's Precious Woods Body Oil.  This oil smells subtle and so pretty.  Patyka recommends that you put this on before bed to activate cell regeneration.  Not sure how that works, but I do know that my skin is super, super soft and has a nice hydrated glow the next morning.  It's a little steep in price (around $65) but it's well worth it.  I treat this stuff like it's liquid gold.

Hmm...I love smelling like a lemon grove.  I do, I do!  Tallulah Jane's Halona Body Oil is wonderful.  I just used it this weekend whilst away and after my shower my friend came into the bathroom and said, "I love how you leave a room and it smells like lemon."
I love the consistency of this oil and how well it hydrates.  It comes in a gorgeous glass bottle (not ideal for my travel, but when there's a will, there is a way).  BTW, try their perfumes, too.  My favorite is 333.  $38 

I find that many of the organic and natural products I buy aren't exactly what I'd consider inexpensive.  I really was made aware of it when after a week at my friend's beach house he said, "Okay, your skin looks awesome, I'm sold.  What is all of this stuff and how much does it cost?"  After adding it all up, it was a small fortune.  But there's one company that is truly wonderful and so, so affordable.  In fact, I would have to say that Acure Organics is even more affordable than stuff that you'd purchase in a drugstore (and without all the nasty chemicals).  I am a huge fan of their Mandarin Orange & Mango Body Cream.  Not only does this smell great, but it is organic, natural and really hydrates.  The consistency is perfect.  And, for a mere $9.99, it's totally affordable.  Make sure to check out their other products, too.  I'm a huge fan!

*I purchased all of these products myself.  All opinions are my own!


  1. Interesting post! I've been thinking of getting a body oil, but I've been a bit put off by waiting for the skin to absorb it. On the other hand,I do love a nice face oil, so might give it a try. I tested Ren Body oil in the shop and it was lovely, and I think it absorbed pretty quickly!
    Eugenia (corebeutyblog)

  2. Hey Eugenia:

    I look forward to checking out your blog. I definitely recommend trying one of these as they really hydrate and give a nice glow to the skin. You might feel more interested for Summer nights or into Fall as opposed to during the day in the heat. Heading over to your blog now....GPJ!

  3. Thank you! Well i can safely say there has been no heat here in UK this summer,raining all the time, so I think safe to get some body oil. :) thanks for your advice! Eugenia

  4. I'll think I'll have to try out a body lotion from Acure Organics once my EMAB Earth Mama body butter is used up. EMAB has great offers and I bought 4 of the smaller sizes because it was almost like buy 2,get 2 free. I would love to have a luxurious body oil again, but since I stay at home now; it's something I don't indulge in at the moment :)

    Any chance of you writing a blog post of your skincare routine? xx

  5. Hey, figwittage!

    Sure, why not! I'd love to write a blog about my routine. Trust me, I've tried everything. Will you do the same? ;)


  6. I think I may try some oils for my skin because it's super dry all year round and my skin just drinks up any body cream and then still cries for more! Also Acure Organics just seems amazing for those of us on a budget :)