Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FOUND! FRESCA: An AWESOME Natural Deodorant That Really Works...Finally!


Wow.  Somehow, after years and years of searching, I feel that I've finally found a fantastic natural deodorant that actually really works.  This coming from a girl who is always hot and often perspiring.

Yes, I have something called hyperhydrosis, which, in a nutshell, means that my internal temperature gauge is off.  Whereas you can probably leave a room that's a good temperature and go into a slightly warmer one without getting all heated up, I can't.  I'll immediately start perspiring.  So, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as to why I've been on the search for a super hard-working, natural deodorant for so long.  As many of you know, finding one that works is near to impossible.

So, a few weeks ago I saw a review of Fresca Natural Deodorant.  I had never heard of the brand and quickly went about trying to learn more about the line.  The founder, Elda Kingston is an incredibly warm woman who has truly created a fantastic line of deodorants.  I've been using the Valley Rose scent this week and I've been through a lot:  a full day of helping my friend move into a new store in NYC, a serious Pilates class, several meetings where I'm pitching a TV show and several fast-paced trips from the East Village to the West Village in the heat...I still smell like roses.  I am shocked.  

The line, which is probably why I hadn't heard of it, is located in Australia.  Now, initially I thought this might be a problem for many readers until I saw that shipping is free with the purchase of three of these deodorants which are $15 each.

"The active ingredient that makes Fresca Natural deodorants work so well is the inclusion of a special aerated salt (nahcolite or sodium bicarbonate). This special salt creates a non-acidic environment in which bacteria cannot thrive, and is the reason that you do not smell any body odour. It will allow your body to cool itself the way nature intended and does not block your pores." 

Citrus Fresh
Jaisara (jasmine & ylang ylang)
Ocean (clean and crisp)
Valley Rose (if you like rose...you'll love)
Wild Lavender
Wooden Spice (sandalwood, cedar wood)

Let's talk ingredients...from their site:
"Fresca Natural deodorant is hand-made from food grade ingredients of purified water, vegetable gum and an aerated salt (sodium bicarbonate base mineral salt) which is then blended with the highest quality essential oils. 
It is body friendly and contains NO aluminium, NO alcohol, NO parabens, NO synthetics, NO nasty chemicals, NO artificial fragrances or preservatives.
Our products are vegan friendly and contain NO PALM OIL.  Fresca Natural deodorants are 100% ALL NATURAL."

So, if any of you are struggling to find a working natural deodorant, I hope you'll try out Fresca. If it worked for me, I can only imagine how it'll work for someone who doesn't have any big issues with perspiration.  Oh, and Fresca is the winner for Best Natural Deodorant 2012 from Nature & Health Natural Beauty Awards...pretty cool, eh?
*I was sent this to test.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I have heard a lot about this deodorant in Australia! I haven't had the chance to try it out yet, still need to finish up my current one. I like that they have a range of nice scents. It's good to know that you like it so much, will try it out next time :)


    1. It's taken me a long while to write about deodorants because I couldn't find a great one to write about. Please let me know how you love it after you've tried it! Thanks for reading! K

  2. Very exciting news, Katie. Seems Austalia is unchartered territory for us green bloggers. I found a quality raw organic jojoba oil from Australia too. I can't wait to try this deodorant. It sounds like it's very effective.

    1. Totally and the woman who created it is such a great person, as well. It's important to give business to these talented/creative people who are doing good for others' health and the environment!

      Let me know how it goes and thanks for reading, Sarita!

  3. I have been using this for a little over a month now and it is truly awesome. No other deodorant in the history of my life has ever worked so hard without leaving nasty stains on my clothes.

    I've been using the Wild Lavender and the Ocean scents and am trying the Citrus next. Great post!

  4. It is an amazing product!! been using it for years!

  5. I just ordered the ocean scented one, and hope it works for me. I tend to perspire a lot also, and have recently become extremely allergic to synthetic deodorants, so for the last few weeks I have been pretty stinky trying to find a natural one that works! I kind of figured it would probably be awesome because it got awards, and also because I hear Australia tends to get pretty hot! I wanted to get the rose one, but was hesitant because sometimes I find the scent of rose to be extremely overpowering. How is the rose scent? Is it very strong or more on the subtle side?

    1. Hi. No, I didn't find the rose to be too much. I'm excited to hear what you think of it.

      I'm finding that A LOT of people sweat A LOT and it's a really hard road to find a great deodorant that is safe. Please let me know how it works for you!


  6. We switched to Fresca (my husband, me and our 2 boys) -- and we LOVE it! The guys use the Wooden Spice and I am loving the Ocean. We sweat A LOT and while it doesn't stop the perspiration (of which we've been reading - it shouldn't), it keeps you smelling good and not stinky!

    1. Agreed. Great stuff and the creator is a real sweetie. Thanks for reading! K

  7. I've been delighted with Fresca for the last year and use it daily...I never thought I sweated much and certainly never smelly. But I went on a short holiday and left Fresca at home and after a day I was thinking Phew, my hubby's BO was a little strong but I was aghast, that it was ME. I sure was looking forward to getting back to my Fresca

  8. There were many natural deodorant that really works best and I must say this one of you here is one of them and a great deal help of information, so thanks Katie. Hope to read and explore more from you again.