Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Obsessions: W3ll People's Universalist Colorstick, Hypnotist Eye Liner and Vapour's Clarity Makeup Remover

I love the look of a dewy cream blush in the warmer months.  I love the transparency and seeing the skin underneath, as opposed to a matte powder that cakes and covers.  I just think that a cream blush looks fresh when it's warm out.

One of the latest that I've tried has been W3ll People's Universalist Multi-Use Colorstick. The color I was given to try was 8, which is Dusty Rose.  The thing that I really loved about this colorstick was the fact that although many of these "multi-use" sticks claim to work all over the face, they don't really work on the lips.  W3ll People's actually does. I used it both on my cheeks and on my lips and it never looked dried out on my lips which is what I've found with many of these crossover products.  The consistency is a super-smooth - really smooth - cream that has a satiny texture when applied to the skin.  It's not shimmery at all, it just deposits a pretty color with a really soft finish.  I really recommend this if you're in the market for a pure cream blush that is also great on the lips (and I'm certain, eyes).  I'm also loving their new packaging.  $33
Vapour had sent me Clarity, their makeup remover, a while back but since I had so many other removers open at the time, I hadn't had a chance to begin using it until a few weeks ago. Well, I love it.  Seriously. This is an excellent makeup remover. Now, I've only used it on my eyes, as that's usually where I normally use makeup remover, but I find it to be excellent.  It's called an oil, but I want to stress that there's nothing greasy about this.  It's not messy, but rather comes out like a gel/oil. Nothing runny or messy.  Not only does it really work, but it smells great, hydrates the skin and does not leave you greasy. This is definitely something that I would repurchase and that's saying a lot!  $32
Looking for a gorgeous black liner with great ingredients that is easy to apply and smudges when you want it to?  
I'm recommending Hypnotist Eyeliner from W3ll People.  This liner isn't to mushy or too hard...it really is just right.  I love lining the upper inner lash line and letting it get a little smokey looking on my lower lash as the day goes on.
At the time that I write this, it's sold out at Spirit Beauty Lounge...that's a really good sign!  $16.50

*I received all of these products to review.  All opinions are my own.  If I don't love something, I don't write about it.  I only write about the stuff I love!

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