Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Natural Beauty Q & A...with Myself!

I just read Chalkboard's Q & A with green makeup artist, Katey Denno and I found myself answering all of the natural beauty questions as I read them.  So, I wanted to do my own Q & A...with myself!  Yes, there's probably a straight jacket fitting I need to get myself to, but it's fun.

Obsession of the Moment:  My Earth Tu Face Eye/Repair Serum.  I'd been using another eye cream for a long time, Naturopathica's Vitamin K Eye Cream, which I still love, but started using this after I was sent it for review.  

Can't Travel Without:  My DeVita Solar Moisturizer in SPF 30 and Solar Body Block SPF 30.

Everyone knows how much I love this stuff.  Feels like a lotion, but it's an SPF...using anything else is a total drag...and sticky!

In a Pinch I:  I'll use organic Coconut Oil to take off my makeup, to hydrate my hair, to moisturize my body, to hydrate my skin.  I find that I wake up with thee most gorgeous skin if I use this all over my face, wipe it off and go to bed.

Always in My Evening Clutch:  A pink gloss.  I'll use either Sublime by RMS Beauty, Revolution Organics' Truth or Jane Iredale's Sugar Plum.  I'm also loving Call Me by Ilia Beauty.

Beautifying Snack/Meal:  My morning smoothie:  Almond Milk, coconut oil, calcium/magnesium, flax seeds or chia seeds, a banana and berries!  Also, good fats - avocado and olive oil.

Beautifying Drink:  A tall glass of powdered organic wheatgrass from Amazing Grass.  It tastes like someone emptied their lawn mower into your water, but you'll live.

For Ultra-Glamorous Effect:  I take my Dr. Hauschka Plum/White Duo Liner and use the white highlighter in the corners of my eyes.  I'll also line the inside upper lid with the purple and as the day - or night goes on, it smudges to give a slight smokey eye.

A Perfect Pout:  Jane Iredale's Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Pink with a gloss over it.  You can't lose.

Beauty Tool:  My Eco-Tools Retractable Foundation Brush.  I love this because you can keep it in your bag and it stays clean.  I also love it because the aluminum has been recycled.

Weirdest Beauty Habit:  Covering my face with plain, fatty yogurt.  It leaves my skin so bright and pretty that if I have a date or party, I'm definitely making the time for this before I have to apply my makeup.

In The Shower I Keep:  My Preserve Razor, NYL Gentle Sugar Body Polish, Dr. Bronner's Organic Peppermint Shave Gel, SkinnySkinny Rosemary Mint Foot Scrub, Acure Brightening Facial Scrub Sea Kelp, Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner, Sebon Organics Shampoo & Conditioner, Vetiver Rose Sellwood Soap and my own Turbinado sugar and coconut oil body scrub!

On My Bedside Table:  S.W. Basics Cocoa Lip Balm, KYI Chamomile Lavender Whipped Shea Butter Mask (I use it for my face and hands) and Badger Foot Balm.

Once A Month I:  I put on an exfoliating enzyme mask by Naturopathica's Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel just to give my skin a fresh start and follow with my Kahina Argan Oil.  

After A Long Night Or Rough Weekend:  I need my sleep, lots of water and a good foot scrub in the shower.

On Little Sleep I Rely On:  Amala's Hydrate Treatment Oil to moisturize and my Studio 78 Concealer to cover up any bags...it's my favorite concealer, hands down.


  1. Thanks for including Sellwood Soap! And for the laugh - I love wheat grass juice but have to agree with you about the lawnmower clippings. -Rachael

    1. Whenever I recommend wheatgrass to people, I make sure to tell them, "Listen, it's straight-up awful, but it's good for you and you need to grow up." I mainly say that because I don't want a call a few days later saying, "This tastes terrible. How could you tell me about this????"

      I'll have a full Sellwood post soon. I really love what you're doing.

  2. No straight jacket fitting required Katie. Thanks for including Sebon Organics, we truly love the information you give your readers. Julian

    1. You don't know me well enough, Julian. I have an appointment with New York Straight Jacket's R Us tomorrow! Send me an email about your eco-packaging as I'll be doing on post on this when I find out about more businesses.

  3. I loved this post! Such a great idea. Just might use the Q&A format for my posting. Thank you! Love your blog. :)