Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Summer 2013 Natural Loves: Dr. Woods, SkinnySkinny, Sellwood Soap & Earth Tu Face & More!

I'm super fortunate that my best friends have rented a summer home on the beach, yet again. Because I have lots and lots of natural products, I have to scale down and just bring the essentials.  This is what I find I've been taking with me the last few weekends:  

1.  RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Sublime  It's a perfect pink with a hot pink pop to it.  I don't even need a mirror...just dip my finger and dot on my lips.  I even wrote a post on it here! $20

2.  John Masters Haircare Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner   After a week in Turks & Caicos with new highlights, salt water and heavy sunshine, I realized that this is a great conditioner as my hair was in perfect condition when I got back.  I don't use this everyday, but at least twice a week when I've been at the beach or in the sun.  Hydrates your hair, but doesn't weigh it down...big plus, yes?  $22

3.  SkinnySkinny Rosemary Mint Organic Foot Scrub    This is a nightly routine for me in the summer:  Unlike most foot scrubs (I've tried 'em all) this has got lots and lots of pumice and isn't greasy.  You'll have hydrated, soft feet post scrub.  Need more details, read here!  $26

4.  Dr. Woods Pure Peppermint Castile Soap  This is great for it's many uses!  After you use most body washes you generally need to apply moisturizer.  Not true with Dr.  Woods.  This leaves your skin so hydrated and soft, there's no need for anything after.  I'm a convert.  I even purchased a large bottle for my dad because he's got dry skin and I don't see him using moisturizer anytime soon.  Can also be used as a shampoo, for face and more. $8.50

5.  Jane Iredale's Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Pink   This stain is a must-have.   If you want a pink tint at the beach without looking made up, you're going to want to go for Forever Pink Lip Stain.  It's not sticky, it hydrates, looks so pretty and can be used on the cheeks as well.  $25

6.  Sellwood Soap Vetiver & Orange Facial Scrub In a word, it's awesome!  I was just introduced to this company (full review to follow soon) and find myself thinking each time I use it, "This line is so perfect, you need nothing else."  This homemade scrub will exfoliate and leave your skin moisturized with it's sunflower and rose hip see oils.  Oh, and when I got some on my lips, I tasted the sugar...bonus! $12

7.  Earth Tu Face Palma Rosa & Aloe Face Cleanser  I love this company.  You need so little of this super smooth hydrating face wash.  It's so easy to use and has stellar ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E...and the list goes on.  Made by two herbalists in California, these are the kinds of businesses we want to be supporting!  8 oz. $48 (travel size $28)

8.  Solar Recover Spray hydrator full of essential oils! I use this year 'round, but most often in the summer.  It's great post-sun and pre-moisturizer.  I even use it in my hair and on my face if I forget my toner.  I've gotten a ton of people hooked on this.  A must!  $13

9.  DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer  I don't go anywhere without this.  I've got both the face and body moisturizers and until you try them, you just won't understand how these are just like regular moisturizing lotions...nothing spf-y about them!  Read more here. $25 (but if you search, you can get it for less)


  1. I was inspired to start making the switch to natural and/or organic products after I stopped relaxing (aka chemically straightening) and embrace my natural hair texture in all it's Afro-y splendor.

    After getting rid of one toxic chemical (hair relaxers) used in the name of beauty, I wanted to eliminate the rest and move to more a more natural lifestyle overall.

    I have never tried Dr. Woods soap before.

  2. Nice to hear that you stopped using hair relaxers...I heard they're pretty brutal. I hope you win. Dr. Woods soap is definitely awesome!

  3. I made the switch after reading about how harmful the ingredients were in regular products. I'm also pregnant, so I don't want my baby being introduced to those things! I've never tried these products before either! :)

    1. Smart and I'm sure you're going all natural in your baby products when that little lambchop is born, right? Stay comfortable in this heat and let me know what you're having...I love babies!

    2. Yes definitely natural products for baby too :) We're having a girl! We're also going to cloth diaper!

  4. I started on synthetic chemical free/organic product year back since my elder son's having ezcema skin.

    I ve been trying on so many products in the market, and they are so costly, until my friend intro me to Dr Woods castile soap..!!

    I m not so used to it on the 1st time usage...but my children're happy with it...so I continued w my 2nd, 3rd time...until now...I know I ll keep using it....It's really a great product...!!!

    1. Great Anette. I know how difficult it can be with ezcema. My sister has it very bad, as well. Something that is also great is to get a shower filter to remove the chlorine from your water so your son has less chemicals on his precious skin.

      Good luck & thanks for reading!

  5. I've never used Dr. Woods's products before, but I became interested in natural and organic products for a few of reasons.

    The harsh perfumes, dyes, and other chemicals sometimes cause me to break out.
    While it's enough to see a negative reaction on top of the skin, it's worst to imagine what the chemicals are doing to the rest of my body.
    I figure the more I use certain products, the more accumulative damage I'm creating.

  6. I've never tried Dr Wood's products yet. I care about what I put on my skin & don't like harsh perfumes, dyes & chemicals on mine!

    1. Thanks, Chris! Sounds good to me. Thanks for reading.

    2. WINNER! I selected a number prior to looking at the posts and you were the number! Enjoy. I've sent you an email.

  7. Back in 1985 I met a man by the name of Horst Rechelbacher. He changed my life forever.
    I have not yet tried Dr. Woods products.
    Carol's Beauty Shop

  8. I'm a big fan of Save Your Skin too! Such an underrated product, I don't know why everyone isn't talking about it!