Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh, Canada! Yeah, fable naturals comes out swinging with their eco-packaging, clean ingredients & handmade self. word up. plus, a giveaway!

"You had me at compostable."

Eco-packaging, eco-packaging, eco-packaging.  Those are the buzz words and you heard it here first (or maybe second...okay, third?)  Whatever the case, as more and more natural/organic products gain in popularity, my hope, and belief, is that people are going to start seriously looking at the whole picture.  Mainly, how is this product's packaging affecting the environment?  So, when Gwen from Fable Naturals approached me about her brand and told me that her lip balm packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and breaks down in a home compost, I was smitten.  In fact, I wrote her back, "You had me at compostable."

What's cooler than this compostable packaging?
First of all, you should know that the creators, Gwen and Chris, make everything by hand, bring in Fair Trade Cocoa Butter from Peru, Olive Oil from Palestine and sugar from Paraguay. All of their products carry certification from Fair trade International and they give back:  Fable Naturals contributes to projects in developing countries such as Trees for Life in Palestine which helps plant olive trees to help farmers maintain their traditional olive farming.  Gwen just told me that they're headed to Palestine this week...cool, no?

Okay, so back to the lip balms...they balm are awesome. For those of you who love a less emollient and more Chapstick-esq feel without the toxic ingredients, you'll be in heaven. They're vegan and come in three scents: Lemon, Mint and Vanilla Orange (which smells like a Creamsicle).  And with ingredients like Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E, you've got the best thing for your lips.  $5.99  WIN IT BELOW!

I'm not one of those women who are always making my own products, but I do make my own sugar scrub and let's just say it was looking pretty, pretty lame-o when little Canadian Fable Naturals' Sugar Scrub made it's way into my shower.  I actually felt a little bad for my scrub as I reached for the Lemon and Lavender Scrub during every shower (it also comes in Rosemary & Mint, too).  This scrub is all sorts of excellent.  It really, really exfoliates and it leaves your skin hydrated enough so that you won't need a moisturizer when you get out of the shower (one of my favorite qualities in a scrub, I must say).  It's also not super oily (bonus) and smells sweet!  $11.99
A must-have product for Fall/Winter.  
What truly amazes me about this industry is how easy it is to purchase such healthy skincare with the best of the best ingredients and it's still so affordable.  Fable Naturals' Body Balm has ingredients like  organic coconut oil, olive oil, Camellia Sinesis Seed Oil, Spearmint, Vitamin E, just to a name a few, and it's only $9.99.  This body balm is PERFECT for carrying around in your bag (I've been doing just that).  It also absorbs nicely for something that is so hydrating.  I love the scent and I recommend that your get yourself a tin of this...healthy, inexpensive and with lots of organic, healthy ingredients.  


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  1. I was hanging out with my date. He didn't know much English and I knew little Spanish. I was trying to say I was embarrassed and he asked "Embarazada?" and I said "Yes!" only because it sounded like embarrassed. He looked shocked, pointed at my stomach, and said "Baby?" I was mortified lol Embarazada means pregnant if you could guess lol

    But not he is my husband :) And we have one daughter so I definitely remembered to use that word. lol

  2. I love this. Hilarious. Thank God he knew how to say, "Baby" or you would've been wondering why he wasn't interested in you the entire night and was staring at your abdomen. Thanks for playing, Marilyn!

  3. Compostable packaging?!?! That's fantastic!
    My worst date experience was with a photographer and painter(should have seen it coming, I suppose). We had decided on a place and time to meet, but ten minutes after I had arrived called again to change places because he said that he "didn't want to walk that far" from where he had parked. So I then walked to the new restaurant (in my cute heels, by the way), which he then chastised me for being late. The conversation was awkward, and he asked all kinds of questions not appropriate for a first date (favourite sexual position? can I paint you naked?), answered his phone repeatedly throughout our meal, and when it was finally time to ask for our bill he said "want to dine and dash"? Oh heck, no! Needless to say that was the only time we went out.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
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    1. Okay, *that* is a nightmare!

      I remember I went out with this guy, had already eaten so I just ordered a side of brown rice (so, we're talking $2...maybe) and he says at the end - after he's eaten everything on the menu, "Wanna go Dutch?" I was like, "Am I wearing wooden clogs, did you pick me up at a windmill? No." Ugh.

  4. I've been on one real date, and we went to an african restaurant in the French Quarter (I live in New Orleans) and wandered around for hours and got gelato. Then he completely disappeared! I had his phone number and I called him, but he never picked up! I never saw him again. It was really weird.


    1. What the? That is bizzaro! Thanks for playing, Caroline!

  5. Worst date ever..this guy had been asking me out forever, I kept saying no because I clearly wasn't that interested. Finally I said yes just to get him off my back..seemed like less work than changing my number. We went to a pub, he kept watching the game that was on the tv, pretty much ignored me the whole time, got drunk, then made me pay half the bill even I drank nothing but water (drinks add up). What?! Dbag! Great giveaway + they're Canadian which I love :)

  6. I went on a date in high school where I thought it went fairly well, but the guy never called me again. So I was really bummed, but everything happens for a reason so I moved on. But a couple of weeks later, I found out he got a girlfriend and I was just stunned. So I guess our date must have went badly somehow, but I still have no clue how even to this day.


  7. He took me to a movie ,tried to put arm around me by 'yawning', misjudged the distance & broke my nose with his elbow
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  8. Oh poo... I guess I can't play along with this one. Either I haven't had any bad dates, or they've been so terrible I've blocked them out of my memory completely!! haha :)