Monday, October 14, 2013

heavenly mun no. 1 aknari nighttime dream youth serum...for face & eyes! Get 10% off here!

"I must not run out.  I must not run out..." 

That's what I keep saying to myself as I pump Mun No.1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum onto my fingertips and press it into my skin every night before bed.  Gosh, I just love the stuff...and I've tried A LOT!

I was surprised to learn that MUN's No.1 Aknari was only launched last year as I'd heard so many great things about it.  The first product created by NYC-based makeup artist, Munemi Imai,  this organic and antioxidant-rich nighttime serum smells so calming and works so well, I can't imagine it not being part of my evening routine from now on.  

An extra bonus is that serum is to be used on the face and under the eyes AND during the day, so if you're a low-maintenance kind of person, this could be your face, eye and neck serum!

why am I so in love with this serum?
  • It's 100% Organic
  • It only has three ingredients:  Prickly Pear Seed, Argan Oil and Rose Essential Oil
  • As I mentioned, it's a multi-functional serum for face, eyes (for dark circles/fine lines) & neck!
  • Absorbs in good time.
  • The scent of a subtle powdered rose is intoxicating and has me running back for more every evening.  It's so brilliant to make something smell so relaxing just before bed.
  • The consistency of the oil is spot-on; it's light, yet you can still feel that it's moisturizing the skin.
  • Hydrates the skin beautifully.
  • Morning skin is clear, bright, soft, dewy and perfect for makeup application.
  • You can use it right before makeup as a primer, as well...just remember to wear your SPF!
get 10% off here
Munemi Imai has been incredibly generous and wants to give you 10% off their wonderful No. 1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum.  Use code: TGPJMUN.  
I hope you'll give this incredible face/eye serum a try as I really, really love it.  I think it's the perfect all-in-one serum and with this irresistible scent, oh, wow!   Have you tried this serum yet?  If not, what appeals to you about it?  $95

*I was sent this serum to review.  All opinions are my own!


  1. This product sounds lovely! I love multi-tasking products! :-)

    1. It really me, I'm pretty picky. There's a few things that really got me: the quality, the effectiveness, the gorgeous scent and the fact that you can use it all over the face and neck. Eyes are usually a whole new product. Thanks for reading, Sabrina!

  2. My favorite oil of all times! The best!

  3. You got my attention at dark circles - I have those, concealing them is a bizz, and I need some help. Plus a multi-tasking product? I may have to splurge for this bad boy!!

    1. I seriously suggest you do. This is a wonderful product. I recommend it to everyone. K