Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Skinny on SkinnySkinny Organic & Eco-friendly Products

I have SO many products from SkinnySkinny and everything that I've purchased from them has been high-quality, organic, effective and clearly made with love. They are 100% carbon-neutral and use recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials for their packaging...gotta love that!

I'm going to recommend a few of their products. For starters, the Rosemary & Mint Organic Foot Scrub rocks.  Literally. I'm talking PUMICE, people! I live in NYC and like anyone who lives here in the summer knows, the streets can do some serious damage to your feet after a day of sandal and/or flip flop-wearing.  Whenever I've purchased a foot scrub, they're usually so gentle, they barely smooth my feet, let alone give them a silky, hydrated feel after. SkinnySkinny's foot scrub does...and how! It's fantastic. It has a thick, grainy consistency (not liquid) with lots of pumice, sea salt, olive oil, coconut oil and essential oils.  If you like to scrub between pedicures, try this.   I'm serious.  $30 9 oz. jar.

If you need a gift for someone, I highly, highly, recommend their Organic Soap Set which comes in the most adorable tree-less gift box made to look like a book.  I actually purchase these sets for myself as I love having lots of lots of soap to choose from (odd, but true). I really don't have a favorite skinnyskinny soap as I love them all. The soaps are organic and are in thee prettiest recycled paper you can imagine. Each soap feels like you're opening a little present! $54 for 6 bars with box

Skinnyskinny has thee most incredible lip balms. I've tried each one and have them all over my house (by the bed, in my desk, in the bathroom). They are incredibly soft and smooth. They feel so great on the lips and they're organic, so no worries about licking your lips. $6

Finally, I'd like to mention their Organic Grapefruit and Cardamon Dry Shampoo which has saved me several times when I've either used too much conditioner, my hair needed volume or my face oils got on my bangs...not a good look. It smells delicious and is so easy to use. The packaging here is entirely eco-friendly, too...labels and all!  $32 4.2 oz.

*I was not given these products to review, I purchased them myself. All opinions are mine.

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