Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ilia Beauty Is A Natural Makeup Brand To Get Hooked On!


I have TONS of natural/organic makeup. Often I try stuff and I think it's "pretty good" or "good." It's sort of rare for me to immediately try something and just know that I'm going to be wearing it forever. But that's just what happened with Ilia Beauty's Tenderly Multi-Stick $34.

First of all, the color is gorgeous. I'm really into baby pinks and find that a lot of the green lines don't do enough in this color, so when I see it, I'm buying! 

Currently, they have four shades and my guess is there's one you'll love. This is also the first natural stick blush that I didn't have to re-apply several times in one day. I do it once, maybe twice, and I'm good. It's beautiful on the skin and the ingredients are stellar.

I also have many of their tinted lip conditioners (which are more like lipstick if you ask me).  I currently have Blossom Lady, Bang, Bang and Shell Shock.  The texture and staying power is excellent.

I also have their lipsticks in Pink Kashmir, Neon Angel and In My Room. $24.

BONUS: If you're one of those girls who needs your makeup packaging to look beautiful, you're going to LOVE this brand. The packaging is gorgeous and it really travels well.

*I purchased this item myself and all opinions are my own!


  1. I CANNOT WAIT to try Ilia, I think I need to use up some of the rms products first :) I have my eye on 'I put a spell on you', I love the peachy colours.

  2. You're going to LOVE the line, trust me...especially if you like peach. They've got lips and cheeks in that color. Nice hearing from you. I just "liked" you on FB! K

  3. I wonder if they have a nude colour. I have a slight rosy tint to my cheeks and when I add a nude colour, it looks quite nice (I think...) :) I've been eyeing this brand on Spirit Beauty Lounge... I need one of their lipsticks! & the packaging looks so nice! xx

    1. What about Muse from RMS? I swatched it yesterday at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC and it was total nude!

  4. Hmm...nude? I'm not sure how their more brownish shades look after applied, but here's the link to their blushes. I really recommend you try this brand. They're really making green makeup cool.