Thursday, April 5, 2012

RMS Beauty: One of My Favorite Makeup Lines. Introducing, Karma!


Since I can remember, I have always loved makeup. I was that girl you'd see at Sephora with a basket full of over-priced makeup and an arm covered in smudges of shadow, liner and lipstick and a big grin on my face.   I was in Heaven...or so I thought.

When I began hearing about all the toxins in the makeup I was using, I had absolutely no problem getting rid of all of it.   I was pretty disgusted with the whole idea of these harmful ingredients being absorbed into a body that I'm usually so careful with.  The only problem I did anticipate, was replacing all of it.  My favorite concealer, lipstick, blush and eye shadows would all need to be replaced.

As I began looking into new products, RMS Beauty quickly caught my eye and I ordered immediately. When my products were delivered and I opened up that little frosted pot and took a sniff of the fresh ingredients, I couldn't wait to see what else they were making. At present, I've got their Lip2Cheek in Smile, Lip Shines in Bloom, Sublime, Sacred and Moment, concealer in 01, Living Luminizer, Lip2Cheek in Smile, Modest and Demure and cream eye shadows in Lunar, Magnetic and  Karma!  
So, what makes the line so great? Ah, where do I's non-toxic, organic, is great for your skin, is hydrating, looks fresh and dewy - you glow!

I just received my Karma cream shadow the other day and it's wonderful. Karma is a dark steel grey/black that is perfect for smudging, lining and shadowing the eye. I was a little intimidated at first because I'm no makeup artist, but everything in the line is so easy to spread and fix, my eyes came out beautifully.

I strongly suggest you get into this line. I'm excited to see what they'll come out with next.

*I purchased all of these products myself and all opinions (I've got a lot) are my own.


  1. I went a little crazy and bought 11 of the rms products last year, I Love them. My favourite would have to be the lip2cheek in muse as its the perfect eyeshadow for that barely there look and I wear it basically daily. I definitely want to try Karma soon.

  2. I think RMS is definitely worth buying 11 at a time. I think I own every possible color that I could wear from the line. I find them so easy to apply, love that they're healthy and love the colors. I haven't tried Muse yet...would it be good for fair skin? I have the Luminizer and Lunar for eyes.