Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tallulah Jane Natural Perfumes & Body Oils - YUM!

I stopped wearing perfume shortly after being with someone who didn't like the citrusy scent I was wearing at the time. Looking back, I'm actually really thankful for that because it saved me years of breathing in the nasty chemicals that make up most of the perfumes that are out there. 

Tallulah Jane 333 was the first natural perfume that I fell in love with after getting a sample from Spirit Beauty Lounge. I've always loved the smell of chamomile, citrus and lavender. Not surprisingly, I found out that 333 is made from a blend of three different types of chamomile, lavender and three citrus essences. I was hooked. So, I bought several bottles and always have someone saying, "Your hair smells so good." (I've got a habit of spraying in my hair - lasts longer).  

Not long after that, I got a sample of their Halona Body Oil and immediately loved that, too.  It's got such a citrusy smell (lime and ginger) and the oil absorbs really fast, so you don't have to stand around waiting to get dressed.  The other day my Halona perfume arrived (different packaging - small with a roller ball) and I love it. About the size of a lipstick, it's so easy to carry around.

I haven't tried their other fragrances, but I'm sure they're all amazing and you'll find one or several that you'll love. The company uses only 100% natural ingredients, no synthetics, all products are Vegan and are free of parabens, phthalates and petrochemicals.

Oh, cute story: one day I was in Bigelow Chemists in NYC and as I was exiting, the owner of Tallulah Jane, Eleanor Jane, attempted to stop me to chat about her brand as they were new to Bigelow. I was in a bit of a rush as I had an appointment and quickly said, "Oh, yes, I have several bottles of the 333 at home and of your body oil that starts with an 'H'." "Halona?" she said surprised. "Yes." She was beaming and told me how much that made her day and I knew exactly how she felt. I find that there's nothing cooler than buying from small, local companies making great, natural products. Being an independent musician myself, I understand how good it feels when someone gives you a chance...and loves what you do.

I purchased these products myself and all opinions are my own!

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