Tuesday, August 6, 2013

super cool osmia organics...like rockstar cool. yeah, like that.

Sarah Villafranco, creator and founder of Osmia Organics...gorg or what?
I tweet back and forth with a lot of green beauty goddesses who run their own companies, but I have to say, Sarah Villafranco of Osmia Organics is pretty damn cool.  The kind of cool where you wish she lived in NYC so you could yap green with her and watch her create all of her awesome skincare products.  I mean, this woman even discusses the recyclability of each of her products here.  I wanted all of you to get an idea of who Sarah is as a person, so I asked her a few questions which follow my review.  

DETOX EXFOLIATING MASK  Dare I say it's the best mask I've ever used?  Yes, I dare.  Please don't think this mask is for oily skin because it's got the word "Detox" in its name.  I have skin that can easily become dehydrated and I found this to not only clear my skin and make it bright and fresh-looking, but also leave it hydrated.  It comes in a bottle along with a little ceramic mixing bowl and spatula (love).  I find myself reaching for this whenever my skin is looking a little dull and clogged.  This is a favorite.
Key Ingredients:  Purifying clay, raw cacao, manuka honey and activated bamboo charcoal. $50

FACIAL CALIBRATION SERUM  This serum is pure, the consistency is light and not at all thick.  This serum is designed to help skin become more even and smooth and assists in regulating sebum production. It's a serum is for all skin types, but I love the fact that it will calm down skin that's acting up...something that happens often with women and our hormones!  $50
Key ingredients:  Olive squalene, kukui oil, powdered acai and organic black seed oil.

LIP LUSTER  I'm a sucker for a lip gloss or lipstick, so when I had read that Osmia's gloss that gets its color from beet root, well I just HAD to know about this company.  The scent is a subtle vanilla and I would say the color is like you were eating some blackberries.  You can make it as deep or light as you wish, depending on how much you apply.  I loved the consistency of this - not too thick, not sticky.  $15  Key ingredients: Beet root, Castor bean oil.

FOREST BODY OIL First off, this body oil comes in several scents, I just tested Forest.  One thing that strikes me about Osmia is that many of their products have an Earthy scent...creating scents in Colorado will probably inspire that!  This scent smells exactly like a bunch of evergreen trees in a forest.  It's bold and rich, but softens when on the skin.  This oil gave me that glow that celebrities have on their legs when they cross them on Dave Letterman. You know what I mean...just a pretty glisten, not oily.  It absorbed quick and was wonderful to wear.  I would love to try the Flower oil one day! $20
Key ingredients:  Ambrette seed oil, evergreen oils.


What new products are you working on now...if they’re not Top Secret, of course!  They are SO top secret, but I'll tell you anyway.  I'm working on a vitamin C lifting serum and a beautifully simple, organic exfoliant, both of which are pretty divine. 

What do you have in your makeup bag?   I have an eyelash curler and tweezers, my two most important items (I'm 40 now - I get whiskers).  I have our Luster lip gloss, RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, and some Chantecaille eyeliner.  The next on my list to try is Kjaer Weis mascara. 

What green beauty industry women would you love to sit around and talk shop with?  I'd love to chat with Rose-Marie Swift, Gwyneth (does she count?), Mandy Aftel (smart and funny), and pretty much every green beauty blogger out there - you guys keep it real, keep our egos in check, and seem to find as much joy doing what you love as I do!  When should we do it?

Name three adjectives to describe yourself.  Go.  Motivated.  Fun.  Alive. 


  1. I will be ordering the fragrance sampler. My husband and I love our Creed fragrances (we're fragrance snobs), but something a little cleaner would be nice. & if I could find a replacement for Dior Addict Eau de Parum (dark blue bottle) that would be fabulous! :) I haven't been wearing fragrance lately because I'm pregnant and because summer bugs seems to love it! xx

    I love discovering green brands via your blog. :)

    1. I'm so happy you enjoy the blog...I have so much fun getting to chat with these green creatives. Yes, you need to replace said perfumes ASAP! Osmia Organics fragrances are very earthy. I'm going to be doing a natural perfume blog very soon, just waiting for another company's samples and then you can learn about some stuff that's happening in that arena. Congrats on the wee baby! Let me know when he/she is old enough to enjoy my band's music for kids! K