Sunday, August 4, 2013

They say it's a great summer look, but Jane Iredale's Dream Tint, Smooth Affair & Lip/Cheek stain is going to be a year 'round for me, baby!

When one of the lovelies over at Jane Iredale contacted me and said that they thought I would love their Simply Summer look, I was all in.  Consisting of their Smooth Affair primer/luminizer, their Dream Tint tinted moisturizer and my all-time favorite, Forever Pink Lip & Cheek Stain, it's truly the dream team, but I won't be wearing this simply in Summer!

Although I usually prefer a stick foundation in the colder months, I had never really found a great tinted moisturizer that would allow me to put away my stick for good during the warmer months.  I often found tinted moisturizers to be either drying or without much coverage.   That all changed when I tried Dream Tint.  To be honest, I've worn it every single day since I received it.  It's my new favorite and I'll definitely be recommending this. What makes Dream Tint such a score:

  • TEXTURE  The texture of Dream Tint is so smooth and velvety, it's like you're putting a lotion on your skin.  It feels super light and it's perfect for when you don't need a lot of coverage, and perfect for when it's warm out and you don't want to feel like you have on a mask of makeup.
  • SUN PROTECTION  It's got an SPF of 15 and provides water resistance for over 40 minutes.
  • THE LOOK  It leaves the skin with a smooth surface (never dry and cakey) so that it never looks like you're wearing makeup.  I would say that this is light coverage, but what I really like about it is that it totally evens out the complexion.
When you're trying to make the switch from toxic to non-toxic makeup, a good primer can be a pretty big deal.  This is a great primer.
Smooth Affair is both a facial primer and a brightener.  While many luminizers can make you look greasy and made up, this is so just brightens the skin.  It looks great under Dream Tint and I love the fresh scent.  The benefits of Smooth Affair:
  • THE LOOK It smooths skin and readies it for makeup.  It gives skin a brighter, more radiant tone without being too shiny or - worse yet - sparkly.
  • BENEFITS Helps makeup stay on longer, evens out skin tone, smooths and hydrates skin.
I really wish that I had tried these products earlier as I would've definitely used them the entire Summer but, like I said, I'm going to be using Dream Tint and Smooth Affair year 'round now.

What more can I say that I haven't said already here?  I can't tell you how many of these Forever Pink stains I've gone through.  If you love a pink lip, you've got to have it.  

*I was sent these products to test and I love 'em.  All opinions are my own!


  1. You've made me really want to try Dream Tint and Smooth Affair! The lip & cheek stain was already on my wishlist ;) I ADORE Jane Iredale's BB cream but waiting until they come up with a BB6 as I'm inbetween BB5 and BB7...I swear everything they make is amazing.

    Mayah x

    1. Mayah:

      I only write about it if I love it. I wear the Lip/Cheek Stain pretty much everyday. You'll love these products. I've got pretty much everything in tinted moisturizers/primers and these win big time. Thanks for reading, Katie

  2. Dream tint and Smooth affair sound amazing!! Can you recommend any facial sunscreens to go under because I like to use an SPF of 30. Also, have you tried Suntegrity's 5 in 1 facial sunscreen? How would you compare them? I wonder if I can buy a sample of this somewhere to find my correct shade. Thank you for a great review!

    1. Hi Tara. I recommend DeVita Solar Moisturizer in SPF 30. My stellar review says it all and I keep them all over my apartment:

      I haven't tried Suntegrity, because I'm so happy with my DeVita. I'm telling you, you will be amazed...doesn't feel like a sunblock at all, just a hydrating moisturizer. Thanks for reading, Katie

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