Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm A Lip Gloss Girl: Zuzu & UltraPure Cosmetics

I'm always on the search for a gorgeous, natural lip gloss.  If I find a company that's making a pink one, I'm on it like a cockroach on a banana peel at midnight.  Here's a few lip glosses that I find myself reaching for all of the time:

ZuZu Luxe  I really love this gloss.  I wear the color Cosmpolitan, which is a pretty pink.  This gloss is formulated with conditioning plant ingredients and it has an SPF 8.  There's no strange smell and the consistency is perfect - not sticky or gummy. It goes on smooth and comes in 12 colors.  The ingredients are listed on their site.   $18.15

UltraPure Cosmetics Omega-Brilliance Lip Gloss This lip gloss is vegan, soy-free, gluten-free and dye-free!  I have this gloss in Malibu Pink and I love it.  The consistency is excellent - smooth, great coverage, non-drying and it isn't sticky.  It comes in 10 colors and I highly recommend it. $18.95  From their website: 
Omega-Brilliance Lip Gloss:  chock full of Omega-3's! These essential fatty acids assist the skin with water retention and tissue regeneration, while increasing elasticity and diminishing fine lines!  It offers incredible glossiness and super saturated color!    A more healthful approach to beauty than petroleum-based glosses, and exponentially better than exposing oneself to dyes or lakes, which have been shown in some studies to be neurotoxic.

Organic/natural makeup is so good now, there's very few products that can't be replaced.  I say give these ones a try.  I love 'em!

*I purchased these products myself & all opinions are my own.  Take that!

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