Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vapour Organic Beauty: Spectacular Natural Makeup!

My makeup drawer sometimes just looks like a sea of blue tubes...the color of Vapour Organic Beauty's packaging for most of its products.   I'm constantly fishing through them and flipping them over to see what color I'm using for the day...pinks, peaches, rubies or natural.

If you've never tried Vapour, I'm not quite sure what you're waiting for.  Here's some of my favorites:

THE BLUSH:   I have tons of Vapour's stick blushes which are just so pretty and leave such a gorgeous glow behind.  My favorite is Aura Multi-Use Blush in Crush - a perfect pink.  The blush is so easy to apply and you can't possibly mess it up because everything just blends so well.  They are smooth, can be sheer if applied softly and are hydrating.  The finish is clean, glowing and fresh.  Oh, and the scent of Vapour's products is beautiful - I'm always taking a sniff.  The blush contains 70%  Certified Organic ingredients and 30% minerals and vitamins...good stuff.  $28

THE PRIMER:  I know from experience that much of the natural makeup out there has to be re-applied over the course of the day, which is something I never mind doing if I can avoid chemicals, so I was more than a little hesitant to use certain natural makeup products during my performances on stage.  Between all the running around and perspiring, I didn't want to risk having my makeup running down my face mid-show.

I was wearing Vapour's Status Soft Focus Skin Perfector off-stage for quite a while and decided to give it some time in the spotlight during one of my shows.  It was perfect.  My makeup stayed put, my skin looked smooth...the works.  So I was, yet again, able to ditch another "non-natural" item from my makeup bag.  I highly recommend this or the Stratus Instant Skin Perfector which is in a stick form.  Both are wonderful and leave you with smooth, glowing skin. $54

LIP CONDITIONER:   I absolutely love the Lux Organic Lip Conditioner.  This is super, super smooth and smells wonderful just like all of the Vapour products - fresh and clean.  I love the packaging and carry it with me always.  It's perfect for before bed and for wearing underneath a lipstick or gloss that you find isn't hydrating enough.  This is one of those lip products that you'll get addicted to applying and with 100% organic ingredients, you can do that without the stress of ingesting harmful chemicals.  $16

FOUNDATION:  I use Vapour's Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (I love their sticks).  It's smooth, blends so well and the colors are excellent.  I also love the smell (yet again) and how light they are.  Because they are hydrating, they don't leave you cakey-looking...a big plus as I like to have coverage that keeps my skin looking natural.  I give a swipe across my forehead, down the center of my nose and down the chin and then brush outwards and it's enough.   My past review on their foundation is here.   $34

*Some of these products I purchased and some were sent to me for review.  I only review products that I use and absolutely love.

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