Monday, June 11, 2012

EcoTools Put Other Makeup Brushes To Shame...In More Ways Than One!

I'm not that good at makeup.  There, I said it.  I just can't seem to nail down the basics of makeup application.  If you see me, you wouldn't be able to tell that I'm clueless about blending, coordinating colors or drawing a good cat eye, but I know it and I stink!  I do, however, really know how to fake it, I know what I love, and definitely know what makes applying it much easier.

Enter EcoTools.  There's so much to love about this company and their products:  they feature bamboo handles, recycled aluminum and are completely cruelty-free.  Plus, if you get the brushes in the set, the brush holders are made from hemp.  

My favorites:   Their Recycled Retractable Foundation Brush is amazing.  Just perfect for carrying around in your bag and it stays so nice and clean.  I wash my brush about once a week with some natural shampoo & leave it to dry. I have never had a better foundation brush.  Honest.

I also their have their 6 Piece Eye Brush Set.  So compact, and so eco-friendly, it's a no-brainer.  

So, if you're moving in the green direction, I surely hope you're going to give these a whirl.  Oh, and I used to use only Chanel brushes and I have to tell you, I prefer these over them not only because they're eco-friendly, but because they're better!  Take that.

*I purchased these brushes myself and all opinions are my own, gosh darn it!

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