Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who's Smells Faintly of Delicious Coconut? ME! Honoré Des Prés Love Coconut

Honoré Des Prés' Love Coconut Perfume

Let me start off by saying that I would never, ever, ever dream that I would end up buying a perfume that smelled faintly of coconut.  I'd always equated coconut with some cheesy-smelling tanning oil - an outdated, cheap scent straight out of the 80s.  But that was before I got a sample of Love Coconut from Honoré Des Prés from my all-time favorite natural beauty shop, Spirit Beauty Lounge.

This scent is beautiful...and 100% natural.  It's made from the pure extract of white coconut milk and coriander leaf.  The scent is subtle, so fresh and pretty and best of all, you can spray away without the worry of chemicals because their perfumes are 100% organic and natural.   I've already gone through my first bottle and am dipping into my second.  

By the way, each time I hug someone, I get a " smell so good!"  And that is never bad.  $98


  1. I also have a sample of this and Vamp a NY. These have been the best organic fragrances I've come across. Bonus: they're French :) Oh, I have always been a huge fan of coconut, but there are some awful smells of it :(

  2. Yes, I also have the sample of Vamp á NY, but definitely prefer Love Coconuts!

  3. Love both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) nothing better than this brand

  4. Lucky you! I think I'm gonna samp this real soon. $98 dollars is a bit steep but I know perfumes usually hover around the 60-90 dollar range in the chemical laden world anyways. Have you tried any of the love+toast fragrances? Some are pretty good scents.