Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MarieNatie Lip Gloss - Super Hydrating, Pretty & Natural

As I've said many, many times, I'm big into lip glosses and lipstick.  Making the switch to natural lip gloss was tough in the beginning because I struggled to find companies that were making cool colors with clean ingredients.  So, I was really excited when I was sent new lip glosses to try out by MarieNatie All Natural Cosmetics.  

First thing I loved?  What their lip glosses are formulated without:

Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petro-Chemicals and Phthalates

Second thing I loved?  Their ingredients:  

Jojoba oil, jojoba gel, pomegranate oil, sunflower oil, grapefruit seed oil, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, vitamin E, vitamin E acetate, mica and essential oil.

Okay, the moment of truth.  I gave the gloss a shot.  I wore American Beauty (first gloss on left) for the entire day.  First off, I love that it's not sticky at all.  It goes so smooth that it actually feels more like a hydrating treatment than a lip gloss.  I would definitely say that this gloss could give any of those chemical-laden ones a good run for their money...and win.   The color is a sheer-ish ruby.  The reason I say "sheer-ish" is because it does have pigment, but it's not a thick glob of color.  It's so pretty and hydrating, I really love it.  I would say that you'll have to re-apply this during the day, but for me, I have no problem doing that, especially since it's got such a pretty gloss to it.   It feels so nice on the lips, you're going to want to keep re-applying, me.

I also wore Cotton Candy, a true sheer shimmer gloss, over my lipstick at one of my recent concerts.  It kept its shine, felt fantastic and didn't have any strange effect on the lipstick underneath (big plus since sometimes gloss gets tacky or dries out lipstick).  I think this color would be  excellent for beach days and for girls who just like that simple shimmer on the lip.

So, if you're in the market for trying out a new clean gloss, I say definitely give these glosses a whirl.  I look forward to trying out some of their other colors!   $18

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