Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Green Product Junkie's Daily Green Routine

The always green & gorgeous Figwittage suggested that I write a blog on my daily green skincare routine.  Being that I love nothing more than to yap about green products, I'm excited to do so and hope she'll let me in on her routine, as well...I'm a sucker to hear about a new product that I've never tried before.

Please note:  my routine might seem a little excessive and nuts to some of you, but you have to understand that this is my "thing."  I've always loved skincare and makeup, but when I got into the green thing...well, things just got a lot more fun and made a lot more sense.  Having a medicine cabinet filled with elixirs is heaven to me.


Wake up, grab my Preserve Toothbrush made from recycled yogurt cups and brush with my Eco-Dent Tooth Powder.  

Since I don't wash my face in the morning (to keep my natural face oils) I go straight to spraying either my Kahina Toner or Sanre Rosy Fresh Toner on my face. *

I then apply Kahina Argan Oil (best stuff on Earth) and apply that all over my face.  If you haven't tried this oil, I suggest you do so right away.  I've got everyone I know hooked on it.

I wait for that to absorb into the skin and apply my DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30.  

Then I'll grab for my eye cream.  I'm loving Naturopathica's Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum.  

*Sometimes I'll do a mask in the morning.  I have several favorites, but it's usually either a FAGE yogurt mask (just get the one with the most fat and apply) or the Pangea Japanese Matcha Tea Mask.


Grab my SW Basics Cleanser (only 3 ingredients...and AWESOME).  If my skin is acting up,  I'll follow up with my SW Basics Toner.  Honestly, though, my skin rarely acts up since I began using organic/natural products a few years ago.

Rinse off the cleanser, grab one of my toners and apply my Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Blend Oil or my Kahina Argan Oil.  I usually like to alternate these oils at night.

At night I like a heavier eye cream so I use Holly Beth's Natural Luxury Eye Cream

Body Moisturizers:  Post-shower, I will often apply my Patyka Precious Woods Body Oil or my Acure Organics Mandarin Orange & Mango Body Cream if I'm in a rush.  Oh, and before applying these, I spray myself head to toe with Solar Recover's Save Your Skin.  It's basically just a bunch of hydrating essential oils that help spread the oils and/or body cream.  I love it!


Naturally, this varies.  If I'm going to the beach, I'm not doing all of this.  If I'm going to be performing on stage, I do more of this.  This routine is probably my day to day one, give or take a step and I vacillate between pinks and/or coral-pinks.  I'm fair with blue eyes, so I know what works and what doesn't

For primer, I'm putting on my Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector.  I then take my Eco-Tools foundation brush and apply my W3ll People Narcissist Foundation - a definite favorite.  I don't apply a lot, just down the center of my face and spread outwards.  I love it.

I use Couleur Caramel mascara on the top lashes, Zuzu mascara on the bottom (it doesn't smudge at all and is pretty light...using it on the top doesn't give me enough oomph!  

My eyeliner of choice is Dr. Hauschka's Eyeliner Duo 04 in Plum/White.  I don't really use the white ever, but the plum is gorgeous when you smudge.  The shadow I usually use is Lunar from RMS Beauty or Cloud Nine from Kjaer Weis.

My blush these days has been either Revolution Organics in Blushed or RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek in Smile.

For lips?  Well, I'm obsessed with lipsticks and glosses so it's ever-changing.  My staples would be RMS Beauty in Sublime, Jane Iredale's Forever Pink Lip Stain, Ilia Beauty's Shell Shocked (a very strange and retro pinkish coral that I wasn't sure about in the beginning, but coupled with Smile blush from RMS...GORG!) and many others.  I generally reach for the pink, though.

No matter what, I'm using my RMS Beauty Living Luminizer on my cheeks, little down the center of the nose and a little in the corner of the inside eye...beautiful!

Oh, there's so much more, but I don't want anyone sending me for a straight jacket fitting.


  1. lOVE this post! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this! I'm so nosy and love discovering new brands too. I'll have to write a blog post about what I use. I'm always on the hunt for a decent toner (I can afford the Acure Organics, but I love Dr. Alkaitis toner!) I've heard so many great things about W3LL People too, I want to try out their nudist balms. I like that you can order samples from their website.

    I've heard soooo many great things about Kahinha Giving Beauty Argan oil! I need to own this (I didn't like Josie Maran) and shall have it soon :) My acne-prone skin will thank me I hope! Does the Sprout cleanser remove makeup? I only wear Lily Lolo mineral foundation and I need to find a great cleanser at night to remove it and gunk from the day :)

    I need more pink lipsticks in my life! What natural deodorant do you use? Is that too personal? Sorry!

    Thanks again for this! xx

    1. Yes, Kahina is THEE ultimate argan oil. I have tried many and none of them compare. It might be more expensive, but it's definitely worth it. No questions.

      Sprout cleanser does remove makeup, but I like to use a makeup remover around my eyes (theirs is great).

      I use Lavanila Healthy Deodorant, but No More Dirty Looks had a discussion on the idea that one of the ingredients made not be as "clean" as they state that it is. The discussion was never resolved, but it's the only one that works for me and doesn't leave stains on clothes (baking soda natural deodorants do that to me).

      Can't wait to read your blog post on your routine! K

  2. Oh give us more! Go on about your make up routine for more high maintainence days! This post is great, and definitely not over the top! I love your idea to put living luminizer on the inside of eyes. Have you ever tried it on your cupids bow?

    1. Okay, I'll do another one just on the makeup...that will be an endeavor. I have tried it on the cupid's bow and it's great. It really does give you an incredible dewy look without looking sparkly! Hope you'll try some of the products out! GPJ - Katie

  3. this is great! i've made the switch to natural beauty this year so it's good to hear what other people use and get some ideas!

  4. Catherine:

    Oh, I'm so happy that you enjoyed reading and that you made the switch. Natural and organic products are so much more fun to use and definitely SO much better for the body and skin. I have so much fun supporting these up and coming new brands. Keep me posted on any of your finds that you absolutely love! Katie GPJ

  5. Loved this post, so much so I had to do one myself :) Im hoping to try the Kahina Argan Oil and some products from W3ll People soon, when my bank allows for it.